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Congratulations to Laura, winner of this giveaway for 10 early reader books!

Summer is here and along with it parents and grandparents alike are looking for ways to keep the kids busy!

Along with the busy activities planned for the summer, be sure to keep your children’s interest in reading and their reading skills intact or growing.

This giveaway contains books valued at $100, and the winner will be able to encourage their children to read by surprising them with 10 new books, all for the young reader.

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I Can Read!  Pete the Cat’s Train Tripearly reader books

  • Written by James Dean
  • Published by Harper Collins
  • Ages 4-8

Pete the cat is back and this time he is taking a train trip to visit his grandma.  Pete is taken on a tour of the train and gets to see and touch some pretty neat stuff and he makes some new friends along the way!


I Can Read!  Paddington Sets Sailearly reader books

  • Written by Michael Bond and illustrated by R. W. Alley
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

It seems that everywhere Paddington goes, adventure follows.  And this story is no exception.  Paddington is so excited to go to the beach with the Browns!  But as he’s playing along the shore he is suddenly swept away!  Oh no, will Paddington find his way home again?


I Can Read!  Splat the Cat and the Quick Chicks I can read

  • Written by Rob Scoton
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

 This hilarious new book has Splat the cat being given chicken eggs to take home and hatch as his class project.  But how is Splat ever going to catch them all when they hatch and run loose all over his house!


I Can Read! Biscuit Feeds the PetsI can read

  • Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Pat Schories
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

Your beginning reader’s favorite little yellow puppy is trying to help his neighbor feed all of her pets.  Fish, guinea pigs, puppies and kittens and all they want to do is play.  Biscuit has his hands full and needs to come up with a way to get everyone fed!


I can read!  Guinness World Records Daring DogsI can read

  • Written by Cari Meister
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

The dogs in this book are very impressive and go far beyond sit and stay commands.  They surf, ride scooters and more to win their Guinness World Record status!


I Can Read!  Guiness World Records Wacky WheelsI can read

  • Written by Cari Meister
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

Do you have a child that loves vehicles of all types?  Then they will definitely love this book!  From the largest monster truck to the bike with the loudest horn your little one will be excited to read this book.


Lets Read and Find Out!  A Tree is a Plantyoung reader

  • Written by Clyde Robert Bulla and illustrated by Stacey Schuett
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

This science book will teach your child all about the life cycle of an apple tree through each season.  It includes a find out more section that includes experiments to learn about evaporation and tree rings.

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Lets Read and Find Out! Earthquakesyoung reader

  • Written by Franklin M. Branley ad illustrated by Megan LLoyd
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8                            

Earthquakes can be so small you can’t even feel them to being able to make the largest buildings shake.  Your child will learn why earthquakes happen, where they are most likely to occur, and what to do if one happens near you.


Lets Read and Find Out!  Sunshine Makes the Seasonsyoung reader

  • Written by Franklin M. Branley and illustrated by Michael Rex
  • Published by HarperCollins
  • Ages 4-8

Keep your child reading this summer with another book from the “Let’s Read and Find Out” science series.  We know the sun gives us light and warmth everyday, but it also controls our seasons.  Your child will find out more about how the sun affects all life on our planet.


Puppy Pirates  #4: Sea Sick young reader

  • Written by Erin Soderberg
  • Published by RandomHouse
  • Ages 6-9

This is a stepping stone book for our 6-9 year old readers.  It is full of two of children’s favorites: puppies and pirates!  Captain Red is sick and can’t get out of bed to take charge.  What will happen to the ship and crew?  Will the first mate be strong and fill in for the captain or will the ship be in trouble?

This giveaway will run from July 3rd through July 15th at midnight.  Good luck with your entries!

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