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Educational Games

My grandchildren love to play games and I love playing with them.  We have a variety we enjoy playing; Hungry Hungry Hippo, Go Fish, Eye Spy, etc.  Though all games can be used as a teaching experience, my grandchildren now have 3 educational games that are specifically designed to teach either math or letters.

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta, Four-in-a-Row Alphabet Fun:

Educational Game

“It’s lunchtime in the rainforest and Frida is collecting fruity letters for her little ones!  Spin the letter spinners, search your nest card for a match, grab the matching fruit bowl with the Frida Squeezer, and place it in your nest.  Find four fruit bowls in a row first and you win, but look out for the monkey – he’ll feast on your fruits!”

This game is for ages 4+ and it’s my granddaughter’s favorite.  It reminds me of bingo, but more fun and the children are learning their letters.

Sum Swamp, Addition & Subtraction Game:

Educational Games

“Head on down to Sum Swamp… Venture over the swampy shortcuts and through the endless loop as you add and subtract numbers on the dice.  Be the first to wind your way to the finish line, and win!”

This game is for ages 5+.  It’s great for helping children learn how to add and subtract.  This one might be my favorite!

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Money Bags, A Crazy Coin Counting Game:

Educational Game

“It’s a mad dash for cash!  Collect, count, and combine coins as you clink and clank your way to the finish line.  Earn the most money at the end of the game, and win!”

This one is for ages 7+ and happens to be my grandson’s favorite, even though he is only 4.  He requires assistance to play, but he does love money, so this one is very interesting to him!  Children learn the value of a dollar and of different coins.

Any of these games are a great option for gift buying when you want to get the special children in your life something that isn’t just another toy.  And each one can be found on Amazon by clicking on the title.

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P.S. What educational games do you enjoy playing with your grandchildren?

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