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Here we go again….another bittersweet moment in my life.  From my experience it seems these moments usually involve my children.  If you are a parent or grandparent I’m sure you’re familiar with these moments.  They usually involve a great new adventure or phase in your adult child’s life.  The moments when you’re excited or maybe even bursting with pride and encouraging your son or daughter to “go for it”!  But, at the same time inside you is the pain of letting them go once again.  It’s so very true that you are a parent forever…your roles simply change.

My husband Mike and I have been very fortunate to have all three children and six grandchildren living within a few  hours proximity of us.   But, this weekend our son Nathan and his wife Naomi began their  cross-country move to Pennsylvania.  They will both be continuing their education there.  They are so anxious and excited about this new adventure and all they will learn and experience.  It is exciting to Mike and I as we listen to their plans.  Oh, to be young again!   We are now tracking their progress across the country much like Santa Claus is tracked on Christmas Eve.

So here it is, another one of those bittersweet moments in the life of a parent.

Our middle daughter Kim called us tonight excited about a possible job opportunity in another state.  This could be the job that begins the career she has always dreamed of.  It would involve another cross-country move for one of our children and two precious grandchildren.  They would be states away.  So here we go again…wanting the very best for our children and hurting inside at the thought of them moving away.

Another potential bittersweet moment….

At 61 years old I am still learning to take a day at a time, be positive and stay FLEXIBLE.  Today I am reminding myself once again just how precious the moments are… all of the small things.


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