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“Anchors Aweigh” Nautical Creation!

nautical anchorDo you have a home near the beach, or just love nautical home decorations?  Or perhaps you need a special gift for someone else who does?  Make this wood cut-out anchor craft!

I would love to have a home close to the beach.  I would decorate it completely nautical and stroll the beach every morning or evening looking for anything the sea happened to have washed ashore that I could add to my collection.

I don’t have that home near the beach yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep dreaming! Read more….


Considering your first fairy garden?

fairy garden

Have you tried your hand at making a fairy garden, or maybe a gnome garden yet?  If you’ve been looking at all of the cute gardens on Pinterest, but feel intimidated about making your own, just jump in and give it a try!

With every craft or DIY project I make, I compare myself to others and feel inadequate.  In my eyes my projects never turn out as good as all of the others I see, however like most of us I’m my own worst critic!  So if we’re making it for ourselves and our home, aren’t we the only ones we have to please? And won’t we improve with each attempt?

So, with that thought in mind, I just completed my second fairy garden! Read more….


macrame mobilTrade in your traditional baby crib mobile for this easy to make macramé mobile that can be used long after the baby starts to pull his/her self up in the crib! The typical crib mobile, though usually very pretty, can only be left on the crib until the baby starts pulling up, then off it comes.  Very short lived for the money we pay for them!

I wanted to make something that wouldn’t have to be taken down when Read more….


Dollhouse on base

Do you ever feel like some of your kids or grandkids toys just aren’t worth all your effort?  I admit I do! And it happens to be the toy that my 5 year old granddaughter loves to play with the most.  It is the Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse, complete with all of the furnishings.

The dollhouse requires being opened up and the furniture carefully and lovingly arranged in each room to fit the make believe world of the day.  Then when it’s time Read more….


HeaderMaking a traditional Christmas wreath using simple materials you may already have is a fun way to go back to basics plus save some money on decorations, which I’m all in favor of!

Supplies you will need are:

  • Small tree branches (pine, fir, cedar)
  • Two wire coat hangers
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire
  • Pruning shears
  • Any decorative items you choose to add to your wreath

read more….


Making little pumpkin votives

IMG_1959making pumpkin votives

It is difficult to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us.   The holidays have snuck up on me.   A couple of days ago I was looking at the little pumpkins I have on my hearth and thinking I didn’t want to simply throw them away.   So I decided to try something new to use them one last time…making them into votive holders for our Thanksgiving table. read more….


Making maracas from dried gourds

Gourd Collage 6
Decorated gourds make beautiful centerpieces, bird houses, baskets, candles and … maracas! When visiting our pumpkin patch this year we were inspired by the display of beautifully carved and painted gourds that have been crafted into instruments and other decorative pieces.

The pumpkin patch had piles and piles of old dried out gourds of all shapes and sizes. It looked like a graveyard of gourds making for a cool looking Halloween display. The very small gourds were the perfect size for maracas so we bought a few to attempt making our own instruments. Cleaning, filling and painting the gourds turned read more….


Remodeling is not for the faint of heart….

Have you ever started a remodeling project and then found yourself wondering “What have I done?”  In order to explain this one I need to go back in time a little…

Untitled overlay w text 2

Approximately 4 years ago I decided that I could not live with the carpet in our house any longer.  So, we proceeded to rip the carpet out of our family room, hallway and bedrooms.  For a while, actually quite a while, I was fine with living on plywood sub floor.

Time passed and one year became two years…

Finally, after many distractions it was time to purchase wood flooring.  We purchased our flooring from a well know company.  I won’t mention their name but their initials are LL.  We rented a truck and headed to the Seattle area to pick up our new floor.   Mike unloaded 42 boxes of flooring into our garage.

Of course looking at our new flooring made me think read more….


Armoire makeover using Chalk Paint

Armoire MakeoverWe’ve been in our new home since March and I’ve been itching to make a few changes. Each time we move my mind starts to imagine all the possibilities and my ‘to do list’ is almost always at least 3 times what is feasible. Reality sinks in and I realize I can’t buy a new sofa, armoire, bedroom set and all the other items I so vividly picture in my head. So, what can I do? Hmm, first of all I can buy pillow covers for my ‘oh so brown‘ sofa. After a trip to IKEA I cross that task off the list. Next, after several moves across the country the green armoire we’ve had since the kids were in their early teens is in dire need of a facelift. Originally used to house the TV it is now used as storage for glassware and linens. Future plan is to buy a ‘real’ curio cabinet, but for now a new coat of paint on the armoire will have to suffice. read more….


Rekindling the art of macramé plant hangers

Post Picture mainHouse plants and macramé plant hangers were the rage in the 70’s. I had no idea at the time how healthy house plants were for you, I just knew I liked having them in my home. Plants were an inexpensive way to decorate and making my own macramé plant hangers made it even more affordable to have them hanging in every room. I enjoyed doing macramé back in those days, but my plants and macramé fell by the wayside through busy years of keeping up with life, kids and working. read more….