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lemonade standDo your kids want a lemonade stand, but you’re balking at the idea because you don’t have anywhere to store it between uses?  That was my thought when I decided to build this portable one for my grandkids.

I’m at a place where I want to declutter my home and my life.  I am so tired of “stuff”.  Do you feel that way?  The longer you live in one spot the more “stuff” you seem to acquire. 

We had been planning a yard sale for a few months timed in conjunction with a community wide yard sale held every year.  I wanted the kids to have a lemonade stand, so I started thinking about a way to make one that could easily be put away for another time.  Read more….


12 Must Haves for Every New Grandparent!

GrandparentAre you going to be a new grandparent soon and wondering what you should have at your home to make it your little bundle of joy’s home away from home?

We have been blessed with 6 adorable grandchildren and I’ve learned a few things along the way about the things needed to make your home ready for a new grandbaby.  Especially if you’re hoping the little one will spend plenty of time at your house!

I’ve put together my list of suggestions right here for you to browse through!

1.  An area in a corner of a bedroom or other quiet room that can be devoted to a pack-n-play or crib.  We have a guest room, which is actually my Mom’s room when she decides to spend time with us.  I have devoted [click to continue…]


Children’s Plant Care Printable!

Plant care printable(This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  If you click on one and make a purchase I receive a small commission.  And I appreciate that very much!)

Last week when my grandchildren were here spending the day with me, a small little lavender watering can with a silver ring around the top caught my granddaughters eye.  It actually had been the vase in a floral arrangement my husband had sent me.

Of course she liked it very much, I mean what little girl wouldn’t have!  And what did Read more….


14 ways to soothe your colicky grandbaby!

Lead picture final

Do you have any hands on experience with a colicky baby or grandbaby?  I raised three children to adulthood, had several nieces and nephews and 3 grandchildren, but I had no experience with colic.  That is until my second grandson was born.

I have always struggled with what “colic” actually is.  How does anyone really know what a tiny baby is experiencing?  In my mind, they don’t, but it is generally thought that what we refer to as colic is a cramping abdominal pain.

With our grandson it all started at about 3 weeks of age.  The poor little guy would cry inconsolably.  As difficult as it is Read more….


String art
This is very exciting for me!  I get to share a craft post with my granddaughter, Megan and grandson, Adam in it!  As I’ve shared before they live on the west coast and we live on the east, so we just don’t get to spend nearly as much time as we would like with them!

I’ve tried to come up with ways to include them more in my writing and I came up with the idea of mailing supplies to them to make a specific craft.  So I mailed them Read more….


Easter craftEaster is almost upon us!  Spring flowers are popping up and the days are beginning to lengthen.

With Easter close I wanted to plan an Easter craft for the grandkids they would actually use instead of it just becoming another addition to my refrigerator door or shelf menagerie!  Sound familiar?  I found this one at and liked the idea of the grandkids making their own Easter basket to Read more….


macrame mobilTrade in your traditional baby crib mobile for this easy to make macramé mobile that can be used long after the baby starts to pull his/her self up in the crib! The typical crib mobile, though usually very pretty, can only be left on the crib until the baby starts pulling up, then off it comes.  Very short lived for the money we pay for them!

I wanted to make something that wouldn’t have to be taken down when Read more….


Pocket Valentine CraftLooking for an easy and fun Valentine craft to make with your children or grandchildren?  Look no further.  This craft fits the bill perfectly.

Every time my 5-year-old granddaughter comes to spend the day with me she asks if I have a craft for us to do.  This week I was looking for something the kids could do as a Valentine craft and Read more….


Best lead pictureWhat do you do when your daughter-in-law is pregnant, overdue, and has home births, which makes it your job to keep the other kids while the baby is being born and there happens to be a HUGE snowstorm starting soon?

Thursday is my usual day of the week to have my 3 young grandchildren over and they normally spend the night and are here for some or most of Friday. We followed our routine this week, expecting at any time for mom to go into labor; the kids would already be here and all would be well with the world. Thursday came and went and by the middle of the afternoon on Friday Read more….


Making maracas from dried gourds

Gourd Collage 6
Decorated gourds make beautiful centerpieces, bird houses, baskets, candles and … maracas! When visiting our pumpkin patch this year we were inspired by the display of beautifully carved and painted gourds that have been crafted into instruments and other decorative pieces.

The pumpkin patch had piles and piles of old dried out gourds of all shapes and sizes. It looked like a graveyard of gourds making for a cool looking Halloween display. The very small gourds were the perfect size for maracas so we bought a few to attempt making our own instruments. Cleaning, filling and painting the gourds turned read more….