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macrame mobilTrade in your traditional baby crib mobile for this easy to make macramé mobile that can be used long after the baby starts to pull his/her self up in the crib! The typical crib mobile, though usually very pretty, can only be left on the crib until the baby starts pulling up, then off it comes.  Very short lived for the money we pay for them!

I wanted to make something that wouldn’t have to be taken down when Read more….


Pocket Valentine CraftLooking for an easy and fun Valentine craft to make with your children or grandchildren?  Look no further.  This craft fits the bill perfectly.

Every time my 5-year-old granddaughter comes to spend the day with me she asks if I have a craft for us to do.  This week I was looking for something the kids could do as a Valentine craft and Read more….


Noah is 4!We celebrated our Grandson Noah’s 4th birthday yesterday. He is so excited that he can now tell people his age and hold up 4 fingers instead of 3!

The day started off with a trip to the donut store with Mommy and Daddy before Dad had to head off to work. Next stop, home to feed baby and pick up Grandma for an excursion to the pumpkin patch. Noah’s Mommy started the tradition of taking him to the pumpkin patch on his first birthday and they’ve done it every year since. Being that it is exceptionally hot in California this year it felt more like a day to visit the beach rather than a pumpkin patch but Noah didn’t mind. A pumpkin is a pumpkin, despite the weather.

Of all the beautifully shaped pumpkins, Noah picked the bumpy one! When we asked the lady at checkout what made the pumpkin bumpy, she informed us it was read more….


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The signs of fall are more evident each day…I can feel it in the air.   The large fall spiders are spinning their webs and announcing the change of the seasons.  The leaves of the trees are turning into bright yellows, oranges and crimson reds.  Fall makes we want to stay home and bake and watch old John Wayne movies!  The approach of fall also read more….


Travel with young grandchildren is not without its challenges, but you can make it more pleasant for yourself and your grandchildren if you do some preparation beforehand.

Check off lists work great for me. That way if my brain is cluttered with too many “to do’s”, I can just go down the list and feel fairly confident that I have what I need! So I created a form that works for me and I’m hoping it will be helpful to you.  Keeping in mind that these are suggestions and you might feel that your grandchildren’s needs vary.  I left some empty lines so you can add your own items and ideas! read more….



Ella has arrived! A sweet 6 lb addition to our family. We now have 4 generations of females under one roof!

After having her first child, Noah, by cesarean, our daughter Rachel desperately wanted to try vaginal birth with Ella. When she learned that the hospitals in our area don’t allow VBAC’s (vaginal birth after cesarean) she began searching for the closest hospital that would. After lots of consideration, Rachel and Jon made the decision to change their doctor so Ella could be delivered at UCLA Medical Center. At the prenatal visits Rachel was able read more….


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We celebrated our oldest granddaughter, Rylee Joy’s “sweet 16th” birthday this weekend.  It’s hard to believe that it was 16 years ago today that I first held that precious little bundle in my arms.   The feelings I had on that day are forever etched in my heart and mind.  That sweet little bundle has grown into a beautiful young lady, on the inside and out.  I couldn’t be prouder!

016ryour brithday girl read more….


When a pregnant woman past her due date in the heat of the summer requests a special meal, compliance is your best option. So, we had stuffed peppers for dinner last night!

It must have been the right thing to do because she has now officially started labor. Why then am I posting a blog while my daughter is in labor? Well because contractions have slowed, she hasn’t gone to the hospital yet and I need something to do to keep myself occupied … and stay out of her way! I say that with the utmost affection!

All that aside, here is the recipe. If you are a vegetarian or just don’t like the greasiness of some stuffed peppers made with meat, this is a great recipe for you to try.

Feta and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed pepper ingredients 1

read more…


HeaderToday was one of our days with the grandkids and when thinking about what we would do with them we decided to take them to what we fondly refer to as the “duck park”. This local park has been named the 2nd most beautiful park in America and it is very pleasant to visit and walk the trails. It has a large pond that is full of ducks, geese, carp, goldfish and even a few swan. What makes it even better is that it has a snack bar that sells bags of corn for feeding the ducks, and a trip to the duck park read more….


Attracting HummingbirdsWe love hummingbirds! Currently there are 4 that reside in our back yard. All day long they chatter and chase one another around the yard competing for nectar. Of all our flowering plants the Cigar Plant seems to rank #1 in popularity with our hummingbirds and the Hibiscus is probably the 2nd most desired.

Hummingbirds do not rely on scent but rather color to lead them to flowers that produce large amounts of nectar. They are particularly drawn to tubular shaped brightly colored flowers of red, orange and hot pink. Hummingbirds will also read more….