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Best lead pictureWhat do you do when your daughter-in-law is pregnant, overdue, and has home births, which makes it your job to keep the other kids while the baby is being born and there happens to be a HUGE snowstorm starting soon?

Thursday is my usual day of the week to have my 3 young grandchildren over and they normally spend the night and are here for some or most of Friday. We followed our routine this week, expecting at any time for mom to go into labor; the kids would already be here and all would be well with the world. Thursday came and went and by the middle of the afternoon on Friday Read more….


colon header 2Like me, you may have been born with this and not even know it!  If you were, chances are you will find out one day!

That diagnosis became my reality.   My story began last December when I experienced something, a medical emergency, which even though I had worked in the medical field for several years I had never heard of.  No one else that I spoke to about it had heard of it either.  When it happened to me I searched the web for others that might have experienced this same diagnosis, but found few.  So I have decided to write about my experience to hopefully provide information to someone else that might have to deal with this.

My experience began one evening after eating dinner.  Approximately 30 minutes after eating I began experiencing severe abdominal cramping.  This lasted for about 45 minutes and then subsided so I didn’t worry about it or give it another thought.  Two weeks later however, it happened again.  About 30 minutes after eating dinner I began having severe abdominal cramping, but this time it didn’t stop.  It continued throughout the night, I became nauseated read more….


My husband Mike and I will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary this Friday…we’re well on our way to 50!    That many years make me feel old, but it also brings incredible feelings of comfort and satisfaction.  I was 17 and a senior in high school when we got married.  Mike was the ripe old age of 20!  I recall so well the whispers saying we were too young and would never make it!   We have been extremely fortunate that we found our soul mates so early in life.  I can honestly say I love my husband more now than ever and can’t imagine life without him.Capture 2 me w text


Mike always reminds me of the first time we saw each other.  I was 16 and he was 19.  One of the favorite hang-outs in our little desert town was the A&W drive-in.   He was this handsome young sailor that pulled up on the back of a motorcycle and I was a teenager in the back of a car, dressed in a candy striper uniform!  I don’t think we even spoke that night, but we did read more….


Have you ever started a remodeling project and then found yourself wondering “What have I done?”  In order to explain this one I need to go back in time a little…

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Approximately 4 years ago I decided that I could not live with the carpet in our house any longer.  So, we proceeded to rip the carpet out of our family room, hallway and bedrooms.  For a while, actually quite a while, I was fine with living on plywood sub floor.

Time passed and one year became two years…

Finally, after many distractions it was time to purchase wood flooring.  We purchased our flooring from a well know company.  I won’t mention their name but their initials are LL.  We rented a truck and headed to the Seattle area to pick up our new floor.   Mike unloaded 42 boxes of flooring into our garage.

Of course looking at our new flooring made me think read more….


Club Sandwich GenerationYou’ve probably heard of the “Sandwich Generation”. I’ve recently learned that there is another type of  “sandwich” generation referred to as the “Club Sandwich”. When I first read the definition, my thought was “That’s us!”

When you have three, no four, generations in one house, your personal bubble shrinks to an amazingly small size! Most of the time we can float about without invading, or God forbid bursting someone else’s bubble. I’d say we’re doing pretty good. I suppose it’s because when you love one another enough you can generally get over most issues.

It’s becoming more and more common for extended families to read more….


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If you don’t have a green thumb and struggle to keep your houseplants alive you might want to try air plants.   They are plants that require no soil to grow….just sunshine and a soaking now and then.   There is no transplanting!  That makes them easy to grow and care for.

I’ve always loved using plants to decorate my home.  I can remember a time when I actually had over a hundred plants in my house!   Of course that was before I had children of my own and my priorities greatly changed.   I still enjoy having plants around me, just not in such an overwhelming quantity!

Air plants are a tropical plant in the bromeliad family.   They like a spot with good circulation around them where they can breathe.  They look lovely inside glass domes, but only for a short time as they prefer fresh air.  Glass globes with a hole in them or open containers are ideal.   I purchased glass globes in different shapes that are made specifically for air plants.  They have “breathing” holes in them.  You can find a variety of plants and globes at Amazon.

These little plants love a good soak. The best way to water is to read more….


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The signs of fall are more evident each day…I can feel it in the air.   The large fall spiders are spinning their webs and announcing the change of the seasons.  The leaves of the trees are turning into bright yellows, oranges and crimson reds.  Fall makes we want to stay home and bake and watch old John Wayne movies!  The approach of fall also read more….


breast cancer“I’m sorry to inform you, but your breast biopsy results are positive”.  These are some of the most feared words in the English language.

Eight years ago my mom heard these words when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily she had gotten her clinical breast exam and mammogram done faithfully every year. Because of this it was caught early. Her treatment consisted of a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatments.  She continues read more….


Celebration of Life

Celebration Collage LifeMy very special Mother-in-law of 33 years passed away last year on October 1st. Ella was born only two weeks before the anniversary of her death so this post is in celebration of both the birth of baby Ella and the Life of Grandma Pat.

Patricia Ann Vernon-Cole, a wonderful mother to 5 children, grandmother of 11 grandchildren and great-grandmother of 7 was truly the matriarch of the Vernon-Cole family. This strong woman of integrity, determination and unconditional love is greatly missed. We miss her paintings and the artists paraphernalia strewn about her house, her love of gardening and animals, and the vegetable soup she would make when we’d visit.

If I could talk to Pat today about life and death, I can imagine what she would say… read more….


045 clock hourglass hearth 3

Here we go again….another bittersweet moment in my life.  From my experience it seems these moments usually involve my children.  If you are a parent or grandparent I’m sure you’re familiar with these moments.  They usually involve a great new adventure or phase in your adult child’s life.  The moments when you’re excited or maybe even bursting with pride and encouraging your son or daughter to “go for it”!  But, at the same time inside you is the pain of letting them go once again.  It’s so very true that you are a parent forever…your roles simply change.

My husband Mike and I have been very fortunate to have all three children and six grandchildren living within a few  hours proximity of us.   But, this weekend our son Nathan and his wife Naomi began their  cross-country move to Pennsylvania.  They will both be continuing their education there.  They are so anxious and excited about this new adventure and all they will learn and experience.  It is exciting to Mike and I as we listen to their plans.  Oh, to be young again!   We are now tracking their progress across the country much like Santa Claus is tracked on Christmas Eve. read more….