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table runner

Have I said before that I’m thrilled that macrame is back in style?  I am, I’m totally thrilled!  I’ve been working on a macrame table runner, but because I’ve had too many projects going at once, it took awhile for me to finish it.  Now that it is finished, I love it!

And also, now that I’ve finished it, I can easily say that I will never, ever, ever make a big project like this out of yarn!  The knots tied tight and small and this runner took several times the amount of time that the same table runner would have taken with different cord.  It wouldn’t have required that I tie so maannnyyyy knots!

The entire runner is made with only one knot, the square knot, tied in alternating square knots and square knot sinnets.

First I determined how long I wanted the runner to be, which was 60 inches.

How I made the table runner:

  • Cut 20 gray cords at 8 yards each
  • Cut 20 blue cords at 8 yards each
  • Lay your cords out onto the cutting board (I used a sewing cutting board) in this order:
    1. 8 blue cords
    2. 8 cords alternating blue and gray
    3. 8 gray cords
    4. 8 cords alternating blue and gray
    5. 8 blue cords
  • Using 4 cords, tie a knot about 5 inches from the end.  Repeat this 9 more times (all cords should be knotted).
  • Pin the cords at the knot to the cutting board in a straight line.

table runner

Always wrap up the long cords on your macrame and secure with a rubber band or a hair band.

table runner

Now my directions are going to seem very vague because I’m not going to provide the number of rows of each of these because this would vary depending on what type of yarn or cord you use.   I determined the pattern I was going to use for the table runner and then how many inches I would need to do of each different pattern.

table runner

  • Alternating square knots with rows tied close together

table runner

table runner

  • Alternating square knots with the rows tied 1 inch apart
  • Alternating square knots with rows tied close together

table runner

  • Square knot sinnets
  • One row of alternating square knots
  • Square knot sinnets
  • Alternating square knots with the rows tied close together
  • Alternating square knots with the rows tied 1 inch apart (this was the center of the runner, and then I just worked a reversal of the pattern)

I had lots of yarn left over, so if I ever do decide to macrame something with yarn again, I’ll remember that and not cut it so long.

I realize I haven’t provided very good directions to duplicate this runner, and I apologize.  The great thing is you can determine your own pattern and just go with it!

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My vision for this table runner had been to place it over a gray tablecloth on my dining room table.

table runner

And it is very pretty there, but I experimented some by placing it over the dark wood on my sofa table and I like that very much too.

table runner

If you’ve never done macrame, or maybe it’s been many years, give it a try.  It’s easy to learn and fun to do.  If you have any questions that I might be able to answer, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!





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