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Everyone loves a giveaway and this week I have 4 special children’s books valued at $52.00 gathered together in one package!

Are you reading to your young children every day?

I know statistics are boring to read, but this is important to know.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has performed studies showing that reading to your children, beginning in infancy “stimulates brain development and helps to build key language, literacy and social skills.”  They also state that more than one in three American children start kindergarten without the skills they need to learn to read.

Those are tragic numbers!  I know our lives are busy, but if reading isn’t something you have been doing with your child, now is the time to start!

The books in this giveaway package are:

Children's book.The Happy Egg

  • Written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Crockett Johnson
  • Publisher: Harpers Collins
  • Released: 1/5/16
  • Ages: 2-5

Follow along in this delightful little story as little bird begins as an egg and progresses to flying.  If you have a little one that has a hard time sitting still for long books, this one has minimal text and simple pictures.

Children's bookGoose Goes to the Zoo

  • Written by Laura Wall
  • Publisher:  Harper Collins
  • Released: 2/2/16
  • Ages: 4-8

Sophie and Goose are such good friends and Sophie is worried that Goose gets lonely while she is at school!  So Sophie decides to take Goose on a trip to the zoo to find a new friend.  Needless to say, lots of fun ensues!

Children's bookHow to Put Your Parents to Bed

  • Written by Mylisa Larsen and illustrated by Babette Cole
  • Publisher:  Harper Collins
  • Released: 2/9/16
  • Ages: 4-8

This hilarious book reverses the bed time roles when it’s the child that needs to put her parents to bed!  The child isn’t tired, she wants to stay up, but one look at her parents and she knows they’re tired and they need to go to bed!  She directs the reader in every step to get parents ready for bed!   They must be helped to stop cleaning, turn off the TV, put down their cell phones and go to bed!

Children's bookPaddington at the Circus

  • Written by Michael Bond and illustrated by R.W. Alley
  • Publisher:  Harper Collins
  • Released  2/23/16 – Classic book repackaged.
  • Ages: 4-8

The classic book of Paddington Bear and the Brown family as they visit the circus.  Just leave it to the loveable Paddington Bear to somehow get tangled up with the circus acts and become a star himself!

This giveaway will be running from 3/10/2016 to 3/24/2016 at midnight.

Don’t wait, enter now and good luck!

* I purchased or was given the prizes with no remuneration.

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