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Tile GiveawayHas anyone seen my cell phone….words that I can’t even begin to remember how many times I’ve uttered.  All I know is that I misplace my phone a lot and I get so tired of looking for it.

We no longer have a house phone, just our cell phones and one day it dawned on me that if we had an emergency I wouldn’t be able to find my phone to call 911!

My misplacing things isn’t limited to my phone either, I’m just as bad with keys. In fact, I lost one of those fancy and very expensive keys that are common to new vehicles today. The one I happened to lose was for my husband’s Ram truck. I have no idea where it is and I have looked for it….a lot!  To get a new key from the dealer the cost would be $280.  Paul was so afraid I would lose the second, and now the only key, that he ordered one from Amazon and is going to have it programmed by an automotive locksmith. We have no idea the cost of that yet.

I received the Tile Slim and Tile Sport from Tile to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.  I only recommend this product because I use it personally and believe it will be of value to my readers.

To keep this from ever happening again I wanted a Tile.  Tile is the perfect solution for someone like me, meaning someone that is always losing their keys and their cell phone among other things. I wonder if I can attach a Tile to my gloves??

The Tile App

Tile Slim                                                           Tile Sport

I decided on a Tile Slim to attach to my phone and a Tile Sport for my car keys.  I chose the Slim for my phone because just as the name says, it’s slim so I can slide it in and out of the phone pocket on my purse easily.  And the Sport is made to easily be attached to a key ring.

The Tile

I was super excited when they arrived in the mail and immediately attached the Slim to my phone and Sport to my keys.  My second step was to go to the App Store on my iPhone and download the Tile App.  From there I followed the onscreen instructions for each step.  The instructions can also be found online in The Tile Manual.

The Tile App

If you have a habit of sitting things down and not remembering where exactly, I can assure you that the Tile will be a stress reliever for you.  I love being able to pick up my phone and push the button on the app to ring my keys and if it’s my phone I’m missing I just push the Tile I have on my keys and my phone rings!  And get this, you can use your app to invite someone to share and after they have downloaded the app and set their account up they can also find your missing items. Which again is great for me because now my husband has the app too and if I can’t find my keys and my phone he can use his phone to locate them.

I misplace my cell phone & keys all the time...literally! But now I can find them with the Tile app and I'm giving a Tile away to the winner of this giveaway! #Tile #theTileapp #giveaway #giveawayalert #giveaways #phone #keys Click To Tweet

Check out the Tile website where there are several videos that show you just how easy it is to find a lost item with an attached Tile.


If you plan on attaching a Slim to your phone or computer be sure to order the adhesives. I didn’t know I needed them and initially just used double sided tape to attach mine to my phone. And one more thing, the batteries in the Tiles aren’t replaceable, but they’re covered under warranty for a full year.  Keep your Tile for a year and then trade it in at a fraction of the cost. Then send your old one back for recycling. Works for me!





I’ll be sharing this giveaway at some of the link parties found on my “Where I Party” page.


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