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IMG_1959making pumpkin votives

It is difficult to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us.   The holidays have snuck up on me.   A couple of days ago I was looking at the little pumpkins I have on my hearth and thinking I didn’t want to simply throw them away.   So I decided to try something new to use them one last time…making them into votive holders for our Thanksgiving table.

Transforming the pumpkins took only a few simple items that I already had on hand:

IMG_1936 pumpkin supplies

  1.  assorted little pumpkins
  2.  knife for cutting the top off the pumpkin and a spoon for scooping
  3.  gold spray paint
  4.  tea lights

Begin by cutting the top off your pumpkin with a knife.  Be sure to make the opening large enough that you can fit the tea light inside.  Next, scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.  I found that the handle of the spoon worked really well at scraping out the inside.


PicMonkey Collage steps 1

I used a pencil to mark the placement of the holes.  I have discovered that my husbands drill is an incredible tool for making the holes in the pumpkins.  It is a little on the messy side but it makes the job fast and easy!   One note; the holes cannot be too small or there will not be enough oxygen for the candle to stay lit.

PicMonkey Collage drill collage 2

With the holes drilled, all that was left was to paint the pumpkins.  I wanted the stems to remain their natural color so I wrapped them in tape before spray painting.   After allowing the pumpkins to dry, I added tea lights to each one.  I did find that I needed to leave the pumpkin lids tipped a little in order for the candle to stay lit.  I was pleased with how my little votives turned out.  I think they will make a nice addition to our Thanksgiving table.

IMG_1973 3 p lit

I have to say, one of the things I am very grateful for this year is that my daughter is hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner!   In all  honesty, I do not take it lightly that all is well with my family and my heart goes out to all of the families around the world that will be missing loved ones this year.





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