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painted tv stand

In a recent foraging trip to the local ReStore my eyes fell upon an old TV armoire and I was instantly in love.  My husband Paul was with me and wasn’t quite as impressed with it as I was, until I managed to share my vision for it in a way that he could appreciate!  Refinishing or painting wood furniture isn’t something we are experienced with, but he agreed, purchase was made and we wrangled the big piece of furniture home.

When Paul has a project to do, he waits for no one.  Before I could even get pictures taken, he had the doors and hardware off and the drawers out!

I wanted to paint it rather than stain it, so we talked about colors and decided upon a shade of gray.  Next stop was the Sherwin Williams store where we picked their brain on type of primer and paint to use for our project.  We decided upon the extreme bond primer and this all surface enamel for durability.

painting wood furniture

The steps we followed in painting our TV armoire:

  1. We took the doors and hardware off, and the sliding shelves and drawers out.

painted tv stand

2.  Next we sanded the armoire.

refinishing wood furniture

3.  After sanding, we vacuumed and wiped the entire piece down to remove all of the dust.

4.  Next was the first coat of primer.

painting wood furniture

5.  Which was followed by a light sanding and another coat of primer and allowed to dry overnight.

6.  The next day, we gave it another light sanding and removed all dust from the sanding.

7.  The first coat of paint applied!

8.  When the paint was well dry, we gave it another light sanding, once again making sure to remove all dust when we were done.

9.  Then we applied a second coat of paint.

painting wood furniture

10.  Once again, when it was dry, a light sanding and wiping off all dust was completed.

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11.  Rather than a polycrylic protective coat, we chose to use a paste wax as a protetive coat.  Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to be exact.

painting wood furniture

12.  We applied the wax with a soft cloth and allowed the wax to sit for about 15 minutes and then wiped off all the excess.

13.  The wax was allowed to dry overnight and then we applied a second coat of Minwax, once again wiping off excess after 15 minutes and buffing it to a shine.

14.  The doors and drawer fronts were finished following the same procedure, except we added white as an accent color on the front of each door and drawer.  To do this we painted the white area first.  Allowed it to dry overnight and then taped it to paint the rest of the door with the gray.

painting wood furniture

Thus our adventure with painting wood furniture was complete and now we have a very pretty addition to our living room!  I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  It’s different, unique and brightens up the room.

painting wood furniture

When everything was dry and the drawers and doors back on the entertainment center, the last step was to find some pretty knobs.  I found some that were perfect at Hobby Lobby.

painting wood furniture

Settling in and watching the Andy Griffith show.  Remember this episode; a shoe salesman comes to town and Andy and the town people think he’s a talent scout.  If you are a Mayberry fan, there is actually an event called Mayberry Days held every year.  Paul and I went last year and had a good time; if you’re interested you can read about our adventures here.

painting wood furniture

Once again, thank you so much for reading today.  I appreciate every one of you!




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