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Raspberry CobblerRaspberries were never one of my favorite fruits because of those little seeds, but when I read that July 19th was Raspberry cake day I decided to use them not in a cake, but a cobbler.  And I wanted to pick fresh ones.

Raspberry picking adventure….

So my husband Paul, our collie Gunnar, and I went raspberry picking.  I had a ball tramping along through the woods, picking berries as I went.  If you haven’t picked raspberries before you might not know that the bushes they grow on are covered with thorns, so it takes a little strategy to get them to give up their berries!

Raspberry Cobbler

Enough were gathered to make a cobbler and the rest were left for the bears and other pickers.  Bears do love them as evidenced by the tell-tale bear scat we saw amidst the bushes!

Raspberry Cobbler

Gunnar really exerted himself!!

The area we were picking in happened to be a beautiful wooded area alongside the Appalachian Trail.  I find the trail amazing and it also amazes me that we live so close to it and have never walked any of it.  I know, I’m ashamed of myself.  But (redemption!) I did walk a tiny bit of it today and snapped these pictures.

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Raspberry Cobbler

Raspberry Cobbler

Raspberry Cobbler

Isn’t America truly beautiful!

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Raspberry Cobbler

If you haven’t read “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson, I can’t encourage you enough to do so.  It’s all about his adventures on the Appalachian Trail and provides you with a great history of the trail, and keeps you laughing all along the way!

Raspberry Cobbler

Ferns along the trail.

I also discovered today, that I like raspberries more than I thought I did.  As I picked and ate part of my harvest, I discovered that they didn’t seem as laden with those little seeds as I remembered.  Some were tart, some were sweeter and they almost melted in my mouth.  They were very good.  And it’s a good thing they were, because they were going in that cobbler like it or not!

Raspberry Cobbler

Assembling my cobbler….

This cobbler has minimal ingredients and you probably have them all in your pantry right now, except possibly the fresh fruit of your choosing.

Raspberry Cobbler

Butter, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla, baking powder and raspberries.

It’s super easy to mix together and all in one dish.  Then it’s baked at 350 degrees for one hour and there you have it, a delicious dessert to enjoy with your family and friends!

Helpful hints for raspberry picking….

  • Wear long sleeves and pants to protect yourself from the thorns
  • Wear sturdy closed toe shoes
  • Spray a bug repellant on your clothes.  If you live in a high Lyme disease area like we do, it’s extra important to prevent tick bites
  • Be aware of your surroundings and use a walking stick to check thick brush for snakes

Enjoy your raspberry cobbler.  It’s delicious by itself, but even better with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Raspberry Cobbler

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