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Ready to PopWelcome everyone to a special giveaway hop called “Ready to POP”!  It’s a Labor Day inspired hop hosted by Viva Veltoro and Lindsey Blogs.  Each participating blogger is celebrating Labor Day in a totally fun way – by offering fabulous giveaways for Mamas and Babies who, after all, have done some of the hardest labor out there!

The first two items in my giveaway are BumGenius cloth diapers made in the USA.  That means a lot to me.  I love to support American made products!

Ready to Pop

BumGenius Diapers

Are you familiar with the new cloth diapers?  I was first exposed to these when my granddaughter was born and my daughter-in-law used them.  They are the neatest things compared to the old diapers we used.  I know they’re old news to this new generation of young moms or soon to be moms out there, but there might be some grandmas or soon to be grandmas from my generation that aren’t aware of them yet.  And speaking as an experienced Grandmother, we need to stock up on these items at our houses too!

Diapers have certainly changed through the years!

  • Long ago the American Indian placed grass under a cover made of rabbit skin on their babies as a diaper.  The Inuits placed moss under a sealskin cover.
  • In Elizabethan times diapers were only changed every 3-4 days!  Can you imagine the poor babies bottom?  And the smell!
  • Wash day for women in the American West was a planned day, usually one day per week and it was labor intensive.  Wet diapers were just hung up to dry and reused on other days.  In the winter they were hung to dry by the fire in the house.

We’re all thankful we missed out on those fun times, aren’t we!

When my children were babies I used big flat white diapers.  I think it was the same type of diaper my mom used on me.   We folded them and pinned them on with large diaper pins, which I think most babies were stuck with at least once!  After the diaper was on, you put rubber pants over the diaper to keep everything in…. hopefully.

One positive thing about those diapers, is that they made fantastic rags after their diapering days were over!

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Then along came disposable diapers and over time most parents switched to using these.  With my youngest it was disposable all the way.  But beginning in about 2000, there started to be a slow resurgence of cloth diapers, but these are much, much better than the ones we used.

I was first exposed to these when my granddaughter was born and my daughter-in-law used them.  They are many times over, better than the old things we used.

Ready to Pop

But not only do I have the BumGenius diapers in my giveaway, but I am also offering a Carter’s sleep bag, sleeper, and socks, plus Angel Baby bottom balm and a teething toy!  The entire bundle is valued at $100.  So don’t wait, enter now to win!

Each blogger in this Hop has a fabulous Mama or Baby prize for you to enter to win – so be sure to hop around to each one listed in the linky at the bottom of this giveaway!

Good luck in each of the giveaways!

Ready to Pop

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