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macrame mobilTrade in your traditional baby crib mobile for this easy to make macramé mobile that can be used long after the baby starts to pull his/her self up in the crib! The typical crib mobile, though usually very pretty, can only be left on the crib until the baby starts pulling up, then off it comes.  Very short lived for the money we pay for them!

I wanted to make something that wouldn’t have to be taken down when the baby started pulling up in the crib.  My mind immediately went to macramé.  Showing my age aren’t I!!  Do you know how hard it can be to find macramé pattern books?  I ordered mine from Amazon and it is straight from the 70’s, only at a higher price now than it was then.

If we had only known to save some of the things we tossed!

We have a bedroom that is designated for the grandkids.  It has twin beds, each with pull-out trundles, which really works great for sleepovers.  Four beds, 3 grandchildren and 1 grandma, perfect fit! But during the day when the 1-year-old needs a nap, there isn’t any napping for babies in that room!  It’s normally a loud and busy room!

So the crib is currently in what we fondly refer to as the blue room, because you guessed it, the walls are painted blue.  I wanted to introduce some different colors to the room, so in choosing a bedding set for the crib, I chose one with a small dab of blue, but mostly shades of green and brown.

I chose to make the baby mobile in a green shade also.  I ordered the cord from Amazon along with the macramé pattern book.

This pattern was extremely easy to make.  It only consisted of two knots; the half-knot and the “wrap” knot.

macrame mobil

Supplies needed for macramé mobile:

  • 50 yards – 6mm cord
  • 1 – 2 inch metal ring
  • 1 – 8 inch metal ring
  • 1 – 10 inch metal ring
  • 3 wood baby blocks
  • 1 small stuffed animal

macrame mobile

Cut your cords into the following lengths:

  • 6 cords 3 ½ yards long
  • 2 cords 12 yards’ long
  • 2 cords 10 inches’ long
  • 2 cords 18 inches’ long
  • 6 cords 14 inches’ long

macrame mobil

Hint:  The 12 foot cords would be much too difficult to work with if left hanging straight, instead wrap the ends and secure with a rubber band.  Then just pull out what you need as you go along.

Mobil Instructions:

Step 1 – Center the 3 1/2 yard cords thru the 2-inch metal ring.  Place one 12-yard cord on each side of the 3 1/2 yard cords and tie 12 inches of half-knots (a sinnet).

Step 2 – Place the 10-inch ring against the sinnet and tie one half knot to secure the ring.

Step 3 – Divide center cords into 3 groups of 4 cords each and tie 7 ½ inches of half-knots with each group.

Step 4 – Gather all cords together and tie with an 18-inch wrap cord.

Step 5 – Place 1 long cord on each side of the ring and tie half-knots, using the ring as you would filler cords.  Tie to center bottom.  Repeat this for the other side of the ring.

macrame mobil

Step 6 – Using the 4 cords at the bottom of the ring, tie 2 inches of half-knots.

Step 7 – Attach the 8-inch ring in the same manner used in Step #2.  This ring will be turned the opposite way from the other.  Place the 14-inch cord in the center of the ring before tying it on.

Step 8 – Tie 2 inches of half-knots in the same manner used in Step #5.  Place a 10-inch cord over the ring and continue tying half-knots to center bottom.  Repeat this for the other side of the ring.

macrame mobil

Step 9 – Fold five 14 inch cords in half and place at the bottom of the ring with the 4 cords hanging and tie with an 18-inch wrap cord.  Trim tail to 7 inches and fringe.

Step 10 – Place 1 drilled baby block on each of the 3 pairs of cords in the 8-inch ring and secure with an overhand knot. (My husband drilled the holes in the blocks for me with his drill press.  The finished hole was 3/8 inch.)

Step 11 – Place a small doll or stuffed animal in the cradle in the top ring.

Finished length – 3 feet 6 inches including fringe.

macrame mobil

In the 70’s the art of macramé was very popular and I think it will experience another boom of popularity.  So all of you baby boomers – get out there and try it again, because like me, you’ve probably forgotten how much fun it is!

Click here for a printable version of the instructions:  Macramé Baby Mobil Instructions

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