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The signs of fall are more evident each day…I can feel it in the air.   The large fall spiders are spinning their webs and announcing the change of the seasons.  The leaves of the trees are turning into bright yellows, oranges and crimson reds.  Fall makes we want to stay home and bake and watch old John Wayne movies!  The approach of fall also reminds me that we will soon be coming to the close of yet another year.

IMG_1525 growing grandchildren

All of our grandchildren have been back in school for a month now and are already deep in studies.  The school fundraisers have begun…I’ve had two calls already, a jog-a-thon for Carson and wreath sales for Taylor.  If you are a grandparent I’m sure you know that supporting your grandchildren’s fundraisers are part of a grandparent’s job description!  I love being a part of everything I can and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m so incredibly grateful to be a grandparent.

Our youngest grandson, Connor is in first grade this year.  He has decided that kindergarten is much better than first grade as you have 3 recesses in kindergarten and only 2 in first grade.    Although, he has decided that he does like “take-away” and he loves to read!

We now have 2 granddaughters in high school.  Rylee is a junior this year and very engrossed in her AP (advanced placement) classes.   Taylor is a freshman and just attended her first homecoming.  It seems like yesterday I was holding and rocking them on my lap…of course they will never be too old to sit on grandma’s lap, right??

I think back on the years of our children growing up and am amazed at how fast time the time has gone.   At times I find myself looking back and feeling just a little sad at how quickly the years have gone.  Then I remind myself that it is a waste of time and affects the present!    So no more wasting time…I’m going to choose not to be controlled by the past or worry about the future, but to savor the present.  Are you enjoying your “present”?


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