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Children's chick craft

These little chicks are so cute and adorable your kids will want to make a whole flock of them!  My grandchildren and I made them today and they were so pleased with them.  If you’re thinking ahead about a craft for spring or Easter, this children’s chick craft is just perfect!

I gathered these supplies:

  • Small clay pots
  • Large yellow pompoms
  • Googly eyes
  • Feathers
  • Yellow acrylic craft paint
  • Orange acrylic craft paint
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Orange card stock to cut out the beaks

How we made our little chick:

  • First of all, put something down to protect your table.  I used newspaper today but I often use an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth.  You might want to put a smock or old shirt over your grandchild’s clothes too!
  • Turn the pot upside down and paint it.  When I made mine as a sample for my grand kids to look at, I put a total of 3 coats of yellow paint on.  My grandchildren chose to use yellow and orange and put two coats of paint on.
  • Three little cuties painting in their pajamas:Children's Chick Craft

    Children's chick craft
     Children's chick craft
  • After the paint has dried thoroughly, put a nice layer of glue on the bottom and put the pompom on.

Children's Chick Craft

  • Glue two googly eyes on.

Children's Chick Craft

  • Cut a small beak out of orange card stock and glue to the pompom.

Children's chick craft

  • Glue feathers on the pot for the chick’s body.

Children's chick craft

Children's chick craft

  • Three adorable little chicks!

Children's chick craft

And continuing to follow our chick theme, we enjoyed a yellow Peep for our snack when our project was done!

Chldren's chick craft

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Often when I plan special crafts for the grand kids, I extend the theme to include other fun things centered around the craft.  Today’s craft could have included other playful ideas with the subject being little chickens.  Some of the things I’ve done in the past are:

  • read a book (there are lots of books about little chicks out there)
  • sang a song
  • played a game (an idea is to play Duck Duck Goose, but to change it to Chick Chick Goose)
  • added a color page (you can always find these on the internet)
  • read a poem

I hope you enjoyed this cute little children’s chick craft and that you have a very special time creating them with your grand kids!




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