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brain healthI recently attended a seminar on the subject of brain health and it was a real eye-opener.  How many times have we heard “you are what you eat” and just brushed it aside?  Well, it’s true and the impact on our brains is immense.

At this time Alzheimer’s Dementia is estimated to affect 5.4 million Americans and by the year 2050, the number of people 65 and over to have Alzheimer’s may triple to 13.8 million Americans.  Shocking numbers!

I don’t want Alzheimer’s disease, no one does.  Genetics does play a role in our risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I know we can’t change that, but what we need to realize is the role our nutrition and other lifestyle choices are influencing the disease.  Read more….


hearing loss
For the last year and a half I have lived with increased ringing in my ears (tinnitus).  I first noticed it after flying and thought it would rectify itself, but time went on and it didn’t get better but grew worse.  I still didn’t go to the doctor and get it checked.  You know how it is, we’re always ripping and tearing about putting ourselves last much of the time.

Over the course of the last several months, I started noticing I couldn’t hear as well either.  I first noticed it with the television.  I kept asking my husband if he could hear it and when he said yes, I would ask him to turn it up anyway because I couldn’t.  When I was driving my grandchildren Read more….

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