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Falling into Fall Giveaway Event!

Falling into Fall


School is now back in session – and that means Fall is right around the corner!

The More The Merrier, Anderson’s Angels, Woven by Words and This Mamas Life are very excited to bring you the Falling Into Fall Giveaway Event! We’ve teamed up with a few wonderful bloggers, including Aging Like a Fine Wine to bring you another great giveaway event! Each blog has gathered a prize package worth $25 or more so be sure to visit each blog and enter!

I’m giving away 4 exciting books for 8-12-year-olds!  Did your young readers get off track over the summer and not get all of their reading in?  These 4 books will help them get back on track. Read more….


booksAre there certain books that your children or grandchildren want you to read to them over and over?

There is a set of books at Grandpa and I’s house that are just that!

They are nursery rhymes.  12 little board books that come in a box that looks somewhat like a book itself.  There is something about these small books that toddlers just love.  I purchased our set of books when our 7 year old granddaughter was 2 years old. She loved them, then the next one loved them, and the next one loved them and the next one! Read more….


Keep Calm and Hop On

A giveaway hop that makes us think of spring!  Time flies by so quickly.  We’re more than halfway through winter and before we know it, yes… it will be spring!  Our first sign that spring is on the way is seeing robins returning to our yard.  Next it’s the bare hint of green on weeping willow trees and on the underbrush visible in the woods.  I always get excited when I see these things happening!

Now that we’re thinking spring, what’s not to like about a giveaway hop that puts a spring in our step and causes our mind to jump forward to spring projects?  Nothing, right!  So, when I was given the opportunity to participate in this hop, I jumped on board: Read more….


December to Remember giveaway hopThanksgiving feasts and the craziness of Black Friday are now over and we’re all starting to feel the time crunch to be ready for Christmas.  At this time of year most of us could use some help in purchasing all of the gifts or extra holiday items we would like to buy.

To hopefully provide some of you with a little help, I’ve teamed up with Anderson’s Angels, This Mamas Life, The More The MerrierWoven by Words and over 20 other wonderful bloggers to bring you another great giveaway event!  Each blog has gathered a prize package of $25 or more for the December 2 Remember Giveaway Event! [click to continue…]


childrens booksFall is knocking at the door, the days are getting shorter and the kids are back in school.  Let’s celebrate this popular season with a “It’s Fall Y’all” giveaway hop, hosted by Lindsey Blogs and Viva Veltoro.  I’ve joined with them and several other great bloggers to offer you some exciting giveaways!

The shorter days of fall mean less time outside and more time inside, and what better way to fill that time than by reading.  This giveaway, filled with 12 children’s books to entertain and inspire your little one is a great place to start! Read more…


Back to school giveaway

It’s almost that time; the first day of school is just around the corner!

Are your special little ones headed off to school this year?  Maybe they’re excited, or maybe they’re a little scared?  This giveaway is full of books that will help your child or grandchild to feel a little less scared and a little more excited about going off to school.

But wait, this giveaway isn’t just books!  It contains lots of other things your child will need at school this year; and give you a little break on the expense! Read more….


young readers

Congratulations to Laura, winner of this giveaway for 10 early reader books!

Summer is here and along with it parents and grandparents alike are looking for ways to keep the kids busy!

Along with the busy activities planned for the summer, be sure to keep your children’s interest in reading and their reading skills intact or growing.

This giveaway contains books valued at $100, and the winner will be able to encourage their children to read by surprising them with 10 new books, all for the young reader. Read more….


Angry Birds movie

Congratulations to Barbara M., winner of the Angry Birds Movie book giveaway!

If you’re an Angry Birds fan, this giveaway is for you!  And if are a fan, you probably know there is a new Angry Birds movie coming out in theatres on May 20th.    To celebrate that movie we have 7 books about the exploits of Red and his friends to give away!

This giveaway is sure to please your Angry Birds lovers with something for ages 4 through 12. Read more….


children's booksDo your kids love to read or be read to?  Running out of children’s books to read?  If the answer is yes, this is the perfect giveaway for you!  It consists of 8 books to delight and entertain your little ones!

The first three books are wonderfully written stories of the unconditional love of mothers for their children.  They are dedicated to mothers everywhere and just in time for Mothers Day! Read more….


Children's books

Everyone loves a giveaway and this week I have 4 special children’s books valued at $52.00 gathered together in one package!

Are you reading to your young children every day?

I know statistics are boring to read, but this is important to know.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has performed studies showing that reading to your children, beginning in infancy “stimulates brain development and helps to build key language, literacy and social skills.”  Read more….