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Warm Chicken Salad

I’m sharing a recipe with you today that my hubbie, Paul, thinks is great.  It’s actually just a simple little recipe.  Each time I share a recipe I think, “why am I sharing this, is this good enough to share, or just because we like it will anyone else like it?”

I’m going to once again throw those fears to the wind and just share it with you anyway!  It’s a recipe for chicken salad that you Read more….


Festive chickenAlways looking for new recipes for chicken?  Hopefully this chicken recipe will be perfect for you and your family!  The addition of dried beef and bacon give it a richer taste and make it special enough to serve the next time you’re having guests over for dinner.  It doesn’t require very many ingredients so you might Read more….


Easy Queso Chicken

Easy Queso ChickenToday is National Bacon Day according to some, but to others the Saturday before Labor day is National Bacon Day.  Maybe one is National Bacon Day and the other is International Bacon Day? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because I don’t need a special day to celebrate bacon.  I love bacon any day!  Frankly speaking, just about everything is better with bacon!

This is a recipe that is made so much Read more….