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I love my completed macrame hanger which is now hanging in a corner of my dining room.

It literally hung in my living room for 3 months in various stages of completeness before it made it to my dining room ready to hold wine or juice or champagne or?

I saw this in an old macrame book and it was so unique that I wanted to give it a go. Read more….


gift of cashIt’s so easy to buy gifts for our children when they’re little.  It’s all about the toys!  My grandchildren have browsed through the toy catalog from Toys-R-Us so many times that almost every toy in the book has been circled now.  But as everyone knows it gets more difficult as they get older.  And as for the adults, at least in my family, they usually want a gift card from somewhere.

I decided to send a gift of cash to my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in California, but I wanted to package it in some way that would be fun and they would have to work to get their money out.

I came up with an idea to use Read more….


nautical anchorDo you have a home near the beach, or just love nautical home decorations?  Or perhaps you need a special gift for someone else who does?  Make this wood cut-out anchor craft!

I would love to have a home close to the beach.  I would decorate it completely nautical and stroll the beach every morning or evening looking for anything the sea happened to have washed ashore that I could add to my collection.

I don’t have that home near the beach yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep dreaming! Read more….


Pocket Valentine CraftLooking for an easy and fun Valentine craft to make with your children or grandchildren?  Look no further.  This craft fits the bill perfectly.

Every time my 5-year-old granddaughter comes to spend the day with me she asks if I have a craft for us to do.  This week I was looking for something the kids could do as a Valentine craft and Read more….


Attracting HummingbirdsWe love hummingbirds! Currently there are 4 that reside in our back yard. All day long they chatter and chase one another around the yard competing for nectar. Of all our flowering plants the Cigar Plant seems to rank #1 in popularity with our hummingbirds and the Hibiscus is probably the 2nd most desired.

Hummingbirds do not rely on scent but rather color to lead them to flowers that produce large amounts of nectar. They are particularly drawn to tubular shaped brightly colored flowers of red, orange and hot pink. Hummingbirds will also read more….


055pc supplies 4Our grandchildren are growing up….oh so fast!  Already we’re past the age of infants and toddlers and now on to the age of grade school, middle school, high school and teenagers!   Our 6 grandchildren; Rylee, Taylor, Emma, Carson, Alivia and Connor range in age from 6 years to almost sweet 16!  At times I miss holding a newborn, the way they snuggle and smell like baby lotion.  I am very grateful to have precious memories of each of my grandchildren…holding and rocking them.  I believe there must be something medicinal about rocking a baby.  Time goes by so fast, I want to enjoy every age as they grow. read more….


craft 12I vividly remember my children’s first day of school and the feelings of excitement and sadness I felt that day. Our 3 year old grandson started summer preschool today and I experienced those same feelings all over again. Just a year ago he was still a toddler, now he’s old enough for school. How did that happen so fast!

This morning Noah was having second thoughts about going to school. The day he had anticipated and prepared for did not seem as exciting now that his big brother was visiting from Denver and would be home all day. I did a little coercing and told him that when he got home we would create that Twiddlebug town we had been talking about for so long. read more….


Beach 5One of the things we like to do with our grandchildren is spend time at the beach combing for sea glass. Even our three year old grandson has an eye for finding the shiny tumbled glass gems. White and brown sea glass is plentiful. Blue and green are more scarce, so we get excited when we find those!! Currently we keep our sea glass in a designated “sea glass” jar. One of these days, when we have more than the jar will hold, we will create something beautiful. Until then we are content to keep the sea glass in the jar, pouring it out now and then to look over our collection. read more….