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snowman craft

Snow has been rather absent so far this winter in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. We have an inch on the ground right now which will be gone tomorrow, I’m sure!  I would like to see one good snowfall every year, (my husband hates it when I say that), have it last for a few days and then have the temps return to a balmy 50-60 degrees instead of below freezing.

So with actual snow lacking, in order to get our snow fix the grandchildren and I have read some snowman books, including Read more….


Crafty Destash ChallengeI am so excited to participate in the Crafty Destash Challenge this month!  I started digging through my craft supplies trying to come up with ideas and found a package of plastic paint palettes that I had bought for the grandkids to use and here they were still in the unopened package.  But they did spark an idea!

I’ve been working on redoing the grandchildren’s bedroom at our house.  One of the things I’ve planned is for one wall to focus on their creative endeavors including canvas paintings by each of the grandchildren.  So now my thought is to do an artsy wreath with the paint palette and some brushes attached. Read more….


Children's chick craft

These little chicks are so cute and adorable your kids will want to make a whole flock of them!  My grandchildren and I made them today and they were so pleased with them.  If you’re thinking ahead about a craft for spring or Easter, this children’s chick craft is just perfect! Read more….


String art
This is very exciting for me!  I get to share a craft post with my granddaughter, Megan and grandson, Adam in it!  As I’ve shared before they live on the west coast and we live on the east, so we just don’t get to spend nearly as much time as we would like with them!

I’ve tried to come up with ways to include them more in my writing and I came up with the idea of mailing supplies to them to make a specific craft.  So I mailed them Read more….


final lead picture

Sleepovers are a common event at our house with our 3 and 5 year old grandchildren, Jacob and Maggie. Almost every time we see them we hear the sweet words “can we have a sleepover? Please!” Whenever possible the answer is yes.

Sleepovers can include many things. In the summertime we love to include catching lightening bugs and wait and watch diligently for the first one to appear. Maggie has actually gotten very good at it and Jacob isn’t far behind. We catch them, keeping a strict tally of who has caught the most and at the end of the evening we bid them farewell, unzipping their enclosure and allowing them to read more….


Post Picture mainHouse plants and macramé plant hangers were the rage in the 70’s. I had no idea at the time how healthy house plants were for you, I just knew I liked having them in my home. Plants were an inexpensive way to decorate and making my own macramé plant hangers made it even more affordable to have them hanging in every room. I enjoyed doing macramé back in those days, but my plants and macramé fell by the wayside through busy years of keeping up with life, kids and working. read more….



Every year  on the third weekend of July thousands of people converge in the small city of Sequim, Washington for the annual Lavender Festival.  It is harvest time for lavender and it is in full blossom…the fields are absolutely gorgeous!   It is a busy weekend with festivities both in downtown Sequim and at the many lavender farms.

Sequim is located in the Olympic rain shadow making it the perfect place to grow lavender.   The first lavender was planted in Sequim approximately 20 years ago and there are now dozens of lavender farms across the Sequim-Dungeness Valley.  Sequim has actually been nicknamed the “Lavender Capital of North America”!   I’ve included a link to a great article if you would like to learn more about Sequim lavender. read more….


Dog with bones 3 smallestToday was my day with my grandchildren and once again in preparation for spending the day with them I was looking for a fun craft to do together.  I found a recipe for making dog bones that was simple and since we do love our dogs, I thought they would like making a special treat for them.  We needed to find dog bone shape cookie cutters and I didn’t know where I could get them locally.Dog bone kit  Quite by coincidence, I happened to stop in at Books-A-Million and low and behold there was a kit for making dog bones!  It contained a book with many different recipes, four dog bone cookie cutters and doggie bags in case you want to give your bones as gifts, or in our case, so the kids could each carry home their own doggie bag for their dog, Emmy.  The cost fit right in with my budget at $10.00.  read more….


015 market signSince moving to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has become my favorite city.  There are so many things to do and see there.  Mike and I recently spent the afternoon browsing Pike Place Market.  I love the unique sights, sounds and smells of the Market.  The beautiful flowers, colorful fruits and vegetables, the fish market as the guys chant and throw their fish to the customer.  There are smells of delicious things baking and the music and antics of the street performers. read more….


Insect Craft_spiders finalAre you looking for a fun craft to share with your preschooler or young school age child?  This insect craft just might be it!  When my grandchildren are going to be spending the day with me, I try to plan a craft project for them ahead of time. I found this project titled “Creepy Crawly Pretzel Snacks” on . It does require some planning to ensure that you have the items you need and in addition, the ganache needs to be prepared the night before and refrigerated overnight.  read more….