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Ready to PopWelcome everyone to a special giveaway hop called “Ready to POP”!  It’s a Labor Day inspired hop hosted by Viva Veltoro and Lindsey Blogs.  Each participating blogger is celebrating Labor Day in a totally fun way – by offering fabulous giveaways for Mamas and Babies who, after all, have done some of the hardest labor out there!

The first two items in my giveaway are BumGenius cloth diapers made in the USA.  That means a lot to me.  I love to support American made products! Read more….


GrandparentAre you going to be a new grandparent soon and wondering what you should have at your home to make it your little bundle of joy’s home away from home?

We have been blessed with 6 adorable grandchildren and I’ve learned a few things along the way about the things needed to make your home ready for a new grandbaby.  Especially if you’re hoping the little one will spend plenty of time at your house!

I’ve put together my list of suggestions right here for you to browse through!

1.  An area in a corner of a bedroom or other quiet room that can be devoted to a pack-n-play or crib.  We have a guest room, which is actually my Mom’s room when she decides to spend time with us.  I have devoted [click to continue…]