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Dog with bones 3 smallestToday was my day with my grandchildren and once again in preparation for spending the day with them I was looking for a fun craft to do together.  I found a recipe for making dog bones that was simple and since we do love our dogs, I thought they would like making a special treat for them.  We needed to find dog bone shape cookie cutters and I didn’t know where I could get them locally.Dog bone kit  Quite by coincidence, I happened to stop in at Books-A-Million and low and behold there was a kit for making dog bones!  It contained a book with many different recipes, four dog bone cookie cutters and doggie bags in case you want to give your bones as gifts, or in our case, so the kids could each carry home their own doggie bag for their dog, Emmy.  The cost fit right in with my budget at $10.00.  read more….