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Educational Games

My grandchildren love to play games and I love playing with them.  We have a variety we enjoy playing; Hungry Hungry Hippo, Go Fish, Eye Spy, etc.  Though all games can be used as a teaching experience, my grandchildren now have 3 educational games that are specifically designed to teach either math or letters. Read more….


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Sleepovers are a common event at our house with our 3 and 5 year old grandchildren, Jacob and Maggie. Almost every time we see them we hear the sweet words “can we have a sleepover? Please!” Whenever possible the answer is yes.

Sleepovers can include many things. In the summertime we love to include catching lightening bugs and wait and watch diligently for the first one to appear. Maggie has actually gotten very good at it and Jacob isn’t far behind. We catch them, keeping a strict tally of who has caught the most and at the end of the evening we bid them farewell, unzipping their enclosure and allowing them to read more….



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We have found two great games that include everyone when our family gets together.  These games have proven to be fun for all, from Connor our youngest grandson of 6, to the most mature folks, Mike and I!   This weekend was no exception.  I’m certain our neighbors must have heard the commotion!

Pit was the first game on our agenda.  This game has been around for a very long time, it was published in 1904!  Just to put that into perspective, the Wright brothers flew the world’s very first airplane the prior December. read more….