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RVingDo you ever dream of selling everything after you retire, buying an RV and hitting the road to live the RVing lifestyle?

Or maybe keeping your home, but doing lots of traveling in an RV?

If you’re considering either one of these options, there are two books that you need to read!

I’m semi-retired; only working one day per week and my husband, Paul will be retiring on July 31st this year.  Our plan is Read more….


For a few years now I have been determined to join the reading club at our local library.  And for those same few years, there always seemed to be a reason that it never worked out for me to go.

Last month I finally achieved my goal and attended my very first book club meeting!

This month at the club we will be discussing “Circling the Sun”, written by Paula McLain and published by Ballantine Books in 2015.

The book is a fiction book but it’s written about a true character, Beryl Markham which can be a difficult undertaking for any author. Read more….


Between the LinesI am so excited to be a part of the special “Between the Lines” blog series organized by Katherine over at highlighting bloggers age 50 and over!  Katie asked that we share a little about what our blog is about, ourselves and challenges of blogging at our age.

My bloggy beginning….

I was completely unfamiliar with blogging until my daughter-in-law started one.  Her beginning was very humble; she was hoping to be able to acquire free diapers for her and my sons new baby.  Her blog has grown tremendously and she inspired Read more….