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new penI have a pen fetish!  I have always loved planners, notebooks, paper, pretty much anything office supply related, but mostly pens.  When out shopping together when our children were still at home it was always a joke between them and my husband that if they couldn’t find me, just look in the pen aisle!

I’ve recently found pens that I love so much that I had to share them with you. These pens weren’t given to me to write a review and I wasn’t paid to write a review, I simply want to share them with you because I like using them so much.  Read more….


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Sleepovers are a common event at our house with our 3 and 5 year old grandchildren, Jacob and Maggie. Almost every time we see them we hear the sweet words “can we have a sleepover? Please!” Whenever possible the answer is yes.

Sleepovers can include many things. In the summertime we love to include catching lightening bugs and wait and watch diligently for the first one to appear. Maggie has actually gotten very good at it and Jacob isn’t far behind. We catch them, keeping a strict tally of who has caught the most and at the end of the evening we bid them farewell, unzipping their enclosure and allowing them to read more….