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Raspberry CobblerRaspberries were never one of my favorite fruits because of those little seeds, but when I read that July 19th was Raspberry cake day I decided to use them not in a cake, but a cobbler.  And I wanted to pick fresh ones.

Raspberry picking adventure….

So my husband Paul, our collie Gunnar, and I went raspberry picking.  I had a ball tramping along through the woods, picking berries as I went.  If you haven’t picked raspberries before you might not know that the bushes they grow on are covered with thorns, so it takes a little strategy to get them to give up their berries! Read more….



054cookie plate w text 2Snickerdoodles are soft, chewy “melt in your mouth” cookies.  There are no special ingredients needed for these cookies.  I normally have everything I need already in my pantry.  That makes them a great choice when I decide to make cookies at the last minute.  They require no mad dash to the grocery store! read more….