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Gorgeous Grandma

My Gorgeous Grandma Ora Mae.


When I saw that this Saturday, July 23rd , is Gorgeous Grandma day it caused my thoughts to turn to my maternal grandmother.  My memories of my grandma are very few, because my gorgeous grandma died suddenly of a heart attack when I was only 4 years old.  Up until that day she was a very active and important part of my life.

My grandmother’s name was Ora Mae.  I think that’s a beautiful name.  It’s an old name; I’ve never known anyone else named Ora.  She was born at home in 1901, one of nine children.  Home was a farm in a rural area of Maries County, Missouri.  Read more….


Mother's Day

Congratulations to Kristen F, winner of the Mother’s Day Gift Basket!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!

A mother’s love is one of the most precious gifts in this world. Most of us have a twofold understanding of that love, first from the position of having received it from our own mothers and second, from the position of having given it to our children.

To honor these special women there is a day that comes but once a year and that day will be here before you know it…. Mother’s Day!

Are you prepared this year? Do you have a plan and know what you’re giving your own special mom or maybe another woman that has played a significant role in your life? Read more….