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health informationDo you ever feel completely overwhelmed with all the information bombarding you from social media?

I do!  In fact, when it comes to certain topics I just want to throw up my hands, walk away and give up.

Those certain topics for me are blogging and health information.  Titles like “I made $5000 dollars a month my first year of blogging” make me feel as if I have failed and failed badly.  Then I remind myself that nothing can make me feel like a failure unless I allow it!

Concerning health and wellness, there are so many books and articles and blog posts about how to do it right that your mind starts to swirl.  I read one book that said you should only eat within a specific 8 hour period each day, another book stating we should eat a little something every 2 hours.  I remember when low fat was the popular diet to follow.  And of course, “you can’t eat eggs, the cholesterol will kill you,” to “oops, sorry, that was a little over the top, you may now have an egg!”

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I read this recently and I loved the simplicity of it.  It’s called the Self Principle.


Self Principle

Set yourself up for success with these simple tips:

S – Sleep: Get at least seven hours and try to wake and go to bed at the same time every day.

E – Exercise: Get 30 minutes a day, preferably in the morning or midday to kick-start your metabolism.

L – Love: Have feelings of gratitude for everything you have, do and give.

F – Food: Make vegetables and lean protein the priority in your diet.

Source: Dr. Sean Hashmi


health information

Four steps that I’m convinced would make a difference in our lives if we would follow them.  I shared them with you because I’m sure there is someone else out there suffering from information overload just like me.  This just might be the simple little principle that works for us.

Do you get overwhelmed with information overload?

What are the topics that exasperate you the most?

Have a wonderful week and remember “SELF”!




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