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Clint Black

Clint Black

What to do on a Saturday night?  Hmm, why not go to a Clint Black concert?  That’s exactly what we did when we found out he was going to be performing nearby.  And we were certainly glad we did!

Remember Clint Black when he hit the music scene in 1989?  Some of his hit songs were: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “When My Ship Comes In”, “A Better Man”, “No Time to Kill” and “Like the Rain”.

It’s probably because I simply haven’t been paying attention, but I hadn’t heard anything new from him in a long time.  So I was anxious to find out what he had been up to.

Clint came on stage with his signature black cowboy hat and a 5-member band.  As the night went on, we found out that 3 members of the band have been playing with him for 30 years!  I’m always a little impressed when I hear that some of these bands have been together that long.  Wow, it puts some marriages to shame doesn’t it!

And who out there knew that Clint had a comedic side?  Probably everyone that has seen him in concert, but I didn’t!  His banter in between songs was quite warm and friendly, and well…. funny!

And as far as the band, what musical talent!  Sometimes it felt as if the band and Clint were engaging in a fun jam session and allowing the audience to be a part of it.

He apologized that his wife of 24 years, Lisa Hartman Black, couldn’t be there with him.  At Clint’s persuasion, they have recorded a few songs together, one of which is a beautiful love filled duet, “You Still Get to Me” that was recorded on his newest album, which was released in September 2015.

After seeing him live, I knew I wanted to get the new CD.  The name is “On Purpose” and I ordered mine from Amazon right after the concert.  I listened to it as soon as it arrived and it is really good!

I know that the current popular thing, as my adult children have let me know, is to just choose the songs you like and purchase them from ITunes.  Often I’m a little slow to latch on to the new.  I like my CDs!  I like to put a CD in my car player and listen to the entire thing as I drive along!

And if I’m all alone (I have mercy on passengers) you might catch me singing along!

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