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We have found two great games that include everyone when our family gets together.  These games have proven to be fun for all, from Connor our youngest grandson of 6, to the most mature folks, Mike and I!   This weekend was no exception.  I’m certain our neighbors must have heard the commotion!

Pit was the first game on our agenda.  This game has been around for a very long time, it was published in 1904!  Just to put that into perspective, the Wright brothers flew the world’s very first airplane the prior December.

The game consists of a deck of Pit cards and a bell to ring when you are successful at “cornering the market”.   The only requirement is that you can read, at least a little.  The cards are divided into “commodities” such as wheat, barley, coffee, etc.  The object of the game is to get all 9 cards of the same commodity in your hand.  At the sound of the bell trading begins.  Now, this is not your typical game of taking turns.  Everyone is frantically trading cards at the same time.  The first to have 9 cards of the same commodity in their hand rings the bell and the trading ends.

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Next came the game of “Spoons”.  Now if you’ve never played spoons you’re missing out on some great fun.  To play spoons you need a deck of cards and spoons.  Yes, I do mean regular spoons.   The spoons are placed in a circle in the middle of the table with the handles pointing out.  Each person is dealt 4 cards and then the fun begins.  The object of the game is to be the first to get 4 of a kind and then as sneaky as possible grab a spoon.  The cards are passed from player to player very fast, but you must keep one eye on the cards and one on the spoons!  After the first spoon is taken, each of the other players can grab one of the remaining spoons.  Chaos follows as each player fights for a spoon and the opportunity to stay in the game.  The person with no spoon is out and a spoon is removed from the table with each round.   Each round is played with one less spoon than the number of players. The winner is the last one in the game.

These are the type of games that cause you to laugh so hard you can hardly catch your breath….the deep belly kind of laughs!  At one point, I just sat back smiling and watched my family having fun.  I love to see my children and grandchildren laughing and having so much fun together.  If you’re looking for some fun LOUD games, you might want to try these at your next family gathering.

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