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I wrote a post a year ago about becoming a “stay at home grandma” and now I’m writing one about going back to work.  What am I thinking, right?  I’m thinking about retirement!

I didn’t work for all of 2016 and when I quit my job, I really didn’t think I’d return to work.  I felt like I was completely done with that part of my life.  But with the beginning of the new year and taking a good look at our retirement plans; I came to the realization that it would be very beneficial to us for me to work some to help us reach our goals.  My husband plans to work at the most 2 more years and then that’s it, we will both pass into official retirement.  At least that’s the best laid plan right now, and you know what they say about those!

So I just went back to work, but I’ll only be working two days a week, so that shouldn’t be too bad(?).  I’ll still have time to do the “most” important things in my life.

Speaking of retirement; what are your plans?  Will you travel?  Will you move, or stay where you are? Will you volunteer?  Will you spend your days doing things you love; gardening, volunteering, reading, cooking, playing with grandchildren?

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Paul and I are actually considering making a move to North or South Carolina, somewhere near the ocean.  I love the ocean!  I love to sit and watch it, I love the smell of it, I love to walk the beach in the morning looking for anything marvelous that the waves may have left behind.

It’s a very big decision, actually a huge decision for us because we would be leaving adult children and grandchildren behind.  I could not bring myself to make that move, except for the thought that they will eventually make the move themselves.  (This is something they’ve said they plan to do, I’m not just hoping!)  Our sons and their wives would like to live somewhere warmer and love the coast as we do.  My daughter and her husband, along with two precious grandchildren currently live in California, but they like North Carolina too, so I will forever be hoping that they will make the move one day as well!

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We envy those of you that live near lots of family, but that isn’t the path our life together has taken.  We have family in Washington, California, Arizona and Minnesota.  My life began in Missouri, then California and now West Virginia.  Paul’s began in Minnesota, then Arizona, California and of course, now West Virginia. We have come to like the East coast very much and will, I believe, always reside here somewhere.  But we also hope to have the ability to travel at the drop of a hat; to visit family and discover America.

The second part of our retirement planning is to purchase a travel trailer or fifth wheel to make those trips to visit family and see America.  We’ve taken the first step by buying a truck with a diesel engine that has the ability to pull the trailer we decide to purchase.  We have had thoughts of just selling everything and living in that travel trailer too!  I just don’t believe I’m ready to totally give up a small house yet.

These next couple of years are times of big decisions.  Our first step in making a decision is to take a trip, just the two of us, to explore along a portion of the South Carolina coast and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Paul and I are not as financially prepared for retirement as we would like.  With that in mind, we are considering purchasing a home in an area close enough to the beach to be able to rent it out during the prime summer months. We would use those months to travel and the rental income could make the all the difference in our being able to do the things we’d like to do.  Yes, I would love to be writing to you right now giving out brilliant financial advise, but I’ll leave that up to the Dave Ramsey’s of the world!  Trust me, you’ll be in better hands!

These are all just thoughts right now, there’s nothing in stone, but that’s where everything begins, right?

We begin our trip on April 29th and I’m anxious to share our journey with you!  I’m also very anxious to hear from those of you that are facing retirement soon.  What are your plans; I would love to know!  So please leave a comment and tell me the things you are considering.




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