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easy dessert recipe

This easy dessert recipe is so quick to make, yet it tastes so good!  You’ll find yourself reaching for the ingredients again and again.  And with all of those beautiful red cherries, I think Cherry Delight is the perfect festive holiday dessert!

The holidays have snuck up on me this year.  Until a few days ago, I hadn’t even given a menu a second thought.  In past years, I’ve tried too hard to make a big dinner, turned down help when offered and ended up stressed out in the kitchen.  I’ve decided I’m not doing that this year.

Here are some of my thoughts on keeping it simple:

  • Stick with the basics.  Don’t try out that new recipe on a holiday when you already have a zillion things going on.
  • Ask family to bring a dish, and don’t turn down help in the kitchen.
  • Create a menu ahead of time and include the time you need to begin preparing each dish and the time it needs to go into the oven.Wow your guests this holiday season with this incredibly delicious and easy dessert recipe; Cherry Delight! Click To Tweet
  • Free up your oven by deep frying your turkey.  They turn out so delicious and moist.
  • Prepare food ahead of time when possible.  The Pioneer Woman has the most delicious mashed potato recipe and it can be prepared the day before, placed in a casserole dish and popped in the oven for heating.  My family loves this recipe!
  • And of course, “don’t sweat the small stuff”!  Forgot to put the rolls in the oven?  No one but you will be upset if their roll arrives at the table 5 minutes after they sit down, so just relax.  I’m writing this to myself, because I would be the one stressing.
easy dessert recipe

Our granddaughter anxiously awaiting her Cherry Delight dessert!

Now for this scrumptious, easy dessert recipe.  It literally takes 10 minutes tops, so what’s not to love about that!

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoy this little Cherry Delight recipe as much as we do.

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P.S.  What easy and delicious dessert recipes do you turn to again and again?

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