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Mother's Day

Congratulations to Kristen F, winner of the Mother’s Day Gift Basket!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!

A mother’s love is one of the most precious gifts in this world. Most of us have a twofold understanding of that love, first from the position of having received it from our own mothers and second, from the position of having given it to our children.

To honor these special women there is a day that comes but once a year and that day will be here before you know it…. Mother’s Day!

Are you prepared this year? Do you have a plan and know what you’re giving your own special mom or maybe another woman that has played a significant role in your life?

I decided to offer this giveaway to help one person to give a special gift basket to the extraordinary mother in their life.

The basket contains a few items for your mom to pamper herself with, and since vacation season is almost upon us, a few things to make her travels a little easier this year.

Tucked in this Mother’s Day gift basket you’ll find:

  • $25.00 gift card to Kohls
  • Beautifully lilac scented bar of soap for your mom to pamper herself with
  • A pretty candle that smells almost as luscious as the soap
  • Coffee cup with words of encouragement for women
  • “My Mother, My Heart” coloring book to honor Mom
  • And of course the colored pencils to go with it
  • Pretty floral make-up bag. It has a hook tucked away inside which is great. When you arrive at your destination you can hang it up, making your toiletry items much more readily available.
  • Lovely purple travel neck pillow with washable cover
  • Luggage identification tags
  • Pumice stone to smooth Mom’s feet

All of these items are beautifully arranged in a basket and ready to be given to your special mom!

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To enter this giveaway click on the giveaway link below.  Good luck to you!

The following poem about a mother’s love was written by a member of my family that is a bit shy, so he/she chooses to remain anonymous, but I thought it was very pretty and wanted to share it with you!

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I purchased or was given the items in the basket with no remuneration.


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