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Club Sandwich GenerationYou’ve probably heard of the “Sandwich Generation”. I’ve recently learned that there is another type of  “sandwich” generation referred to as the “Club Sandwich”. When I first read the definition, my thought was “That’s us!”

When you have three, no four, generations in one house, your personal bubble shrinks to an amazingly small size! Most of the time we can float about without invading, or God forbid bursting someone else’s bubble. I’d say we’re doing pretty good. I suppose it’s because when you love one another enough you can generally get over most issues.

It’s becoming more and more common for extended families to live together under one roof. I work with several people who share a home with parents, grown children or grandparents – all for different reasons. On those days when you feel squeezed and stretched like silly putty it’s nice to know you’re not alone!

This is how one of our “Club Sandwich” days looks…


Hit the salon for G-ma’s haircut (Noah hitches a ride)

Shopping at JC Penneys

Trip to library

Stroll to Starbucks for coffee and apple juice

Club Sandwich - Walker 1

Leisurely drive home (4 year old giving directions) and playing the “Did you see” game. It goes like this…  G-ma says “Did you see that _______ (any animal)?” Noah replies, “Did we run over it?” G-ma responds “No, its Momma ran out and saved it!” If it is a bad animal, say for instance a T-Rex, or something really, really, tiny that they can’t see (like a worm)… well, they might run over it. And this goes round and round all the way home!



Nap/G-ma recuperates

Planting seeds

Club Sandwich collage 2


Knock, Knock jokes on the back patio

Story telling with G-ma on the front patio

Club Sandwich - Telling Stories

Observing “Asian” and “African” worms and snails – a 4 year old’s interpretation

Watching Disney while reading a mystery book Noah has conveniently renamed to “Book About Snails”

Club Sandwich - Reading a book 2



Game of Bingo before bedtime (this can take a VERY long time)

Club Sandwich collage 1

Reading yet more books and talking about animals (two animals minimum)

40,000 words later (2x that of the average woman) Noah is asleep!

Sounds exhausting, right? It is! Of course every day is not this busy and some days we don’t all get along so well. On the days I work, Rachel, Grandma and the kids all hang out together doing, well, pretty much the same things.

Just like in a book, the chapters of our lives don’t last forever, we turn the page into another chapter. Some are longer than others but all are an essential part of the experience. I’m trying not to take for granted these special times with my Mom and grandchildren. It takes a daily reminder and conscious effort to live in the present and savor these moments. I always remember this quote my son shared with me…

Club Sandwich - Beach w words


Note –  Bingo Sets can be purchased from Amazon or Learning Stores.


Pamela Shank October 26, 2015, 10:33 pm

What a wonderful post. It sounds to me like you are a wonderful person.

Kathy October 27, 2015, 12:33 am

Thank you Pamela for the encouraging words. There are many days I feel the opposite of wonderful!


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