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Grandkids are the best! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 5th, a baby girl due in September. Currently my daughter and her family are living with us and the baby will be sleeping in Mom and Dad’s already crowded 10×10 bedroom! With barely enough room for a cradle and a few supplies Rachel is doing a great job of making the most of the small space. To make the baby’s little corner of the world a special place she created a ribbon and fabric mobile with white and pink polka dot print fabrics and vintage ribbon. It will hang over Ella’s cradle next to a small cart filled with a few necessities.

The mobile is so cute I thought it would be fun to share pictures along with the instructions. It is a simple and inexpensive decoration that can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme.

Here is how it’s made:


  • Cardstock or heavy paper for making pattern
  • Off-white lightweight cotton fabric (Rachel used an old white cotton curtain)
  • Pink and white tiny polka dot or other patterned cotton fabric
  • Vintage or other coordinating patterned or solid ribbon
  • Solid ribbon or fishing line for hanging
  • Coordinating color yarn
  • 9″ embroidery hoop
  • Polyester stuffing


  1. Draw cloud onto cardstock and cut out to use as a pattern
  2. Fold white fabric in half to make two layers and outline 6 clouds onto fabric. Pin to hold into place and cut out clouds
  3. Sew the bottom of cloud only and turn so seam is inside
  4. Cut yarn into varying lengths
  5. Hand stitch around cloud puffs. Insert yarn in between two layers at top of cloud and sew through while hand stitching leaving a small opening at one end of the cloud to insert stuffing.  Keep threaded needle attached with enough thread to finish stitching after stuffed
  6. Lightly stuff and hand stitch closed
  7. Attach two ribbons to hoop for hanging, or use fishing line
  8. Tie yarn with attached clouds to embroidery hoop at desired lengths
  9. Cut 1/2 ” strips of patterned fabric and ribbons different lengths long enough to be doubled over hoop
  10. Loop the ribbons over the hoop
  11. Trim ribbons if needed

Mobile Collage 9


Mobile Collage 8

The cart from IKEA comes in three colors and only cost $29.95. It is sturdy and rolls well unlike many similar carts making it a fantastic value. The finished mobile is the perfect addition for a this baby girl’s room. Looking forward to more creations and space saving ideas!


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