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RVingDo you ever dream of selling everything after you retire, buying an RV and hitting the road to live the RVing lifestyle?

Or maybe keeping your home, but doing lots of traveling in an RV?

If you’re considering either one of these options, there are two books that you need to read!

I’m semi-retired; only working one day per week and my husband, Paul will be retiring on July 31st this year.  Our plan is to put our house on the market in June and hopefully sell it quickly. We would like to live somewhere close to the ocean; probably in North Carolina. But we don’t know exactly where, so our plan is to purchase a fifth wheel and live it in, travel and explore until we know where we want to buy a home.

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In the meantime, we’re trying to learn everything we can about the RVing lifestyle which led to my browsing Amazon for books about RVing. I purchased two that have been so informative and helpful that I wanted to share them with you.

Both books were written by a gentleman named Jerry Minchey, who is himself a full-time RVer.

Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Chapters include:RVing

  • RV Life – Pros, Cons and Things to Consider
  • How to Get Rid of Your Stuff
  • What Kind of RV to Get
  • Cost of an RV and How to Find the Best Deals
  • Ways RVers Stretch Their Social Security
  • Boondocking – the Art of Camping for Free
  • How to Supplement Your Income
  • Logistics – Domicile, Mail, Banking, Pets, etc.
  • How to Get Healthcare on the Road
  • Emotional Aspects of RVing

This book is chock-full of information and written in such a way that it’s so much fun to read. I literally almost finished it in one sitting.

If you’ve dreamed of the RVing lifestyle but felt like you could never afford it, this is the book for you.  The author provides the names of many websites for even more information. Some of those are RV bloggers that show their budget each month, exactly how much they spent and on what.

RVing, Less Hassle – More Joy.

This book was written more for the frequent RVer rather than the one who lives fulltime in their RV. Once again it’s chock-full of good information. Some of it you will find, is repetitive of what is in the first book, but there’s lots of newRVing info too.  As in the first book, the author provides many other online resources for additional information.

Chapters include:

  • Attitude is the Key to Enjoying the RVing Adventure
  • Hiking, Waterfalls, and Sunsets
  • Local Music, Watering Holes, and Restaurants
  • Find Time to Work on Hobbies and Projects
  • Splurge and Save – the Right Mixture
  • Keeping Up with Routine Maintenance
  • Seven Things Every RVer Should Consider Owning

We also purchased a third book:

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Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Comparison Guide

We purchased an older edition, this one is a 2018.  I think I would wait for it to come out in paperback rather than pay the hardcover price.

The book talks about construction techniques and methods, has towing tips, rating charts, resale values and otherRVing things to help you make an informed decision when shopping for your travel trailer or fifth wheel.

As the weeks go by, I’ll update you on the status of our pending retirement and everything that goes along with it. Right now we need to declutter and get rid of lots of stuff, finish some painting, etc., etc., etc…

I wrote a post almost a year ago talking about retirement plans. It was titled “We’re thinking about our retirement options… what’s your dream retirement look like?”  Updates to that post are:  Paul is retiring a little sooner than we thought at that time, we still don’t know exactly where we want to call home and we are still considering the Airbnb thing if we purchase in an area that vacation rentals are feasible.


I would love to hear about your present retirement or your plans for retirement.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!





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