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Easter craftEaster is almost upon us!  Spring flowers are popping up and the days are beginning to lengthen.

With Easter close I wanted to plan an Easter craft for the grandkids they would actually use instead of it just becoming another addition to my refrigerator door or shelf menagerie!  Sound familiar?  I found this one at and liked the idea of the grandkids making their own Easter basket to use at grandma’s house.

Instead of using a tin can for the basket, I chose to go with something bigger because I wanted to be able to use the baskets to put something in for the kids on Easter.  I decided to use a plastic coffee can.

My husband, Paul, jumped in and helped as he always does.  Thank you honey!  He spray painted the containers with a Krylon paint specifically made to adhere to plastic.  After applying 2 coats of paint, we allowed them to sit overnight to make sure they were dry.

We usually do our crafts at the kitchen table and I have learned from experience to place a plastic table cloth on the table before we start!  Saves the table from little ones that are overzealous with their glue or paint or whatever we’re working with!

Also, our crafts never look quite like the perfect pictures you see on various craft instructions, etc.  I try to allow the kids to be creative and independent in making their craft.  And of course, I always tell them how beautiful they are!  Sometimes we end up with some wild looking things!

Easter basketSupplies for Easter bunny basket.

Supplies needed:


1.  Get the container ready for your child by washing it and painting it white.  We used white Krylon paint.  Two coats were applied and they were allowed to dry overnight.

Easter basketPlastic coffee containers washed and ready to paint.  After the first coat applied and then the second.

2.  Using the white glue, show your child how to glue the cotton balls on.  Depending on their age, they may need some help with spreading the glue.

Easter basketGluing on the cotton balls.

3.  Allow the glue to dry well.  We allowed ours to dry overnight.

Easter basketCotton balls all glued on.

4.  Ask your child to choose the side of the can that he/she wants to be the face and help them to glue on the googly eyes.

Easter basketGluing on the eyes, nose and whiskers.

5.  Next glue on the nose of choice for the bunny!  You can cut these out of felt or use a small pompom.  We used pompoms for ours.

6.  Attach a larger pompom to the back of the bunny as a bunny tail (optional).

Easter basketHaving fun with pipe cleaners!

7.  Cut two pipe cleaners into 3 equal sections and glue 3 onto each side of the nose.  It can be a little tricky to get them to adhere well, so your child will probably need some help.  A tacky craft glue works best here.

8.  Ask your child to bend the 2 pipe cleaners they have chosen for ears into half circles and glue them to the inside of the can.*

9.  Allow everything to dry thoroughly!

*At this point, I chose to use my hot glue gun to attach these because I wanted them to be attached with enough strength for the basket to be used.  (Attention:  adults only should use a hot glue gun.  Even I came away with a blister on my thumb!)

Easter basketCompleted baskets and happy kids!

Have fun filing the baskets with Easter treats!  Easter craft

Would you like a printable copy of the instructions?  Just click here: Easter Basket Bunny.

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