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String art
This is very exciting for me!  I get to share a craft post with my granddaughter, Megan and grandson, Adam in it!  As I’ve shared before they live on the west coast and we live on the east, so we just don’t get to spend nearly as much time as we would like with them!

I’ve tried to come up with ways to include them more in my writing and I came up with the idea of mailing supplies to them to make a specific craft.  So I mailed them the materials to make string art Easter eggs!

String art supplies:

  • Water balloons
  • White glue
  • Yarn


  • I suggest putting down newspapers or something else to protect the work area.  These are messy!
  • Blow up the water balloons to the size of egg you want to create.
  • Create a glue/water mixture that is 2/3 glue and 1/3 water in a wide bowl, mixing well.
  • Cut off several yards of the yarn and place it in the glue/water mixture.  Use something (a plastic spoon works great) and push the yarn down into the glue until it is all covered.  Don’t lose the tip so you can pull it back out!
  • Holding the tip of the yarn securely against the balloon, start wrapping the yarn around the balloon.
String artBalloons ready, yarn in the glue and wrapping the balloon.
  • This can be done by lightly pulling the yarn between your thumb and finger to rid it of excess glue and wrapping as you go.
  • Or you can pull all of the yarn out of the glue at once (plastic wrap works best to lay it on) and then wrap the balloon all at one time.  I find this easier because you aren’t pulling and wrapping, pulling and wrapping.  Instead you’re wrapping all at one time and it flows easier.
  • When you have finished wrapping your balloon, squeeze the tip together with another piece of yarn and it won’t show when the piece has tried.
  • If you find that you didn’t cut a long enough piece of yarn, just cut another piece, moisten it in the glue and continue wrapping.
  • Turn the balloon as you wrap to ensure your yarn is going different directions.
  • An egg carton works great to sit your completed string art eggs in to dry.  Allow them to dry thoroughly!

String artBalloons wrapped in yarn and drying!

  • Once the yarn is completely dry, pop the balloon and remove the pieces with a pair of tweezers.

String artPopping the balloon and pulling it out from the yarn.

  • Display them in a bowl or hang them with pretty ribbon!
String Art

It seems we usually see this craft at Easter, but it is much more versatile than just for Easter eggs.  Different thicknesses of yarn can be used to create different looks and larger balloons can create pretty globes to be hung from the ceiling in a nursery or children’s room.

Having a holiday party?  Think string art globes made in perfect seasonal colors.  Glitter can be added while the glue is still wet, or small items can be placed inside the balloon so once the balloon is popped they remain inside your beautiful creation!

Bowls are made by covering only half of the balloon.  Just determine the size of bowl you want and choose a corresponding balloon size.  Megan made a small one here!

String art

This has given me some good decorating ideas, so I’m planning on making some string art of my own!  This may be something you’ve done in the past, but if not and it’s new to you as well, have fun and let me know what you create!

My hope is that you all have a very blessed Easter!

Click here for printable String Art instructions:  String Art Printable

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