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gift of timeInstead of giving candy or toys this Easter, give your grandchildren something that will have lasting value… the gift of time with you!

I’ve put together a list of 40 ideas for you to do just that; spend precious time with your grandchildren! I’ve also provided downloadable coupons for you to fill in with the activity you choose.  Download and print a coupon, fill it in with the activity you choose, place it in a plastic egg, a card, an Easter basket or at their seat at the table for Easter dinner!

Here are my ideas for special moments to share with your grandchildren:

  1. lunch date
  2. movie date
  3. sleepover
  4. playdate at a local park
  5. bowling
  6. baking
  7. crafts
  8. games
  9. an evening of catching fireflies
  10. fishing
  11. visit the ice cream parlor
  12. go on a bicycle ride
  13. hiking
  14. visit your local library
  15. museum
  16. zoo
  17. living room or backyard camping
  18. camping trip
  19. nature walk
  20. planting a garden
  21. scavenger hunt
  22. video games
  23. science experiments
  24. create a fairy garden
  25. fly kites
  26. miniature golfing
  27. shopping trip
  28. puppet show
  29. rock painting
  30. take a class together
  31. attend a sporting event
  32. enjoy a manicure together
  33. set up a lemonade stand
  34. go on a picnic
  35. a trip to an amusement park
  36. fly a kite
  37. roller skating
  38. ice skating
  39. take a class together
  40. catch frogs

While writing this I began thinking about everything we hear about mindfulness these days, which led to thoughts about how important it is that we be mindful of the precious time we have with our grandchildren.  After all, as grandparents, we know just how quickly the time with our own children flew by.

So in being mindful when we are spending moments with our grandchildren, let’s listen intently to their stories, notice what makes their eyes light up, hold their hands whenever possible and cherish each moment!


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What other ideas do you have?  I would love to hear in the comments!

Have a blessed Easter!





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