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Have you ever heard of an event called the “Big Hurt”?  I hadn’t till recently and now I know why it has earned that name!  It is a grueling 4 leg race beginning with 16.5 miles of mountain biking, followed by 3 miles of ocean kayaking, 30 miles of road biking and ends with a 10k run.  Participants can race solo in Iron Division or as a relay team of 2-4 persons in the team division.   The Big Hurt originated in Port Angeles, Washington in 1997 and was an annual event until 2004.  It was resurrected this year to the delight of the many participants and spectators alike.

I’ve never been an athletic person, even as a child.  I am the most uncoordinated person I know when it comes to anything sports related.   I think my family was surprised when 2 years ago I announced I wanted kayaks!  I had seen them at Costco and thought that would be a great thing for Mike and I to do together and would also be fun for the entire family.   So we purchased 2 kayaks.  I was correct, everyone has enjoyed them.  But, I need to be honest, I have also enjoyed them very much but only watching safely from the shore.  I haven’t been out in the water in them yet….I’ve decided this next summer will be my year, I hope!

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So, I am very proud of all of my children.  They are much braver than I and MUCH more athletic.   When my daughter Kim decided she was going to be a participant in the Big Hurt this year I was not surprised.   Kim and her friend Tennille chose to do the 3 mile kayaking leg of the race.  As they prepared for the race it became evident that the other kayakers were using “racing” kayaks, much slimmer boats.  Of course Kim and Tennille used our kayaks for the race which are definitely not racing kayaks!

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I felt nervous as we watched them run down the steps and jump into their kayaks.  We kept an eye on them with binoculars as they became small little dots in the ocean.  They worked hard, never stopping despite the choppy water.  I was so proud of them both, even with the handicap of the wider boats they did an incredible job!   They had fun and were so glad they had done it…Kim’s comment was “We weren’t last!”


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