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If you don’t have a green thumb and struggle to keep your houseplants alive you might want to try air plants.   They are plants that require no soil to grow….just sunshine and a soaking now and then.   There is no transplanting!  That makes them easy to grow and care for.

I’ve always loved using plants to decorate my home.  I can remember a time when I actually had over a hundred plants in my house!   Of course that was before I had children of my own and my priorities greatly changed.   I still enjoy having plants around me, just not in such an overwhelming quantity!

Air plants are a tropical plant in the bromeliad family.   They like a spot with good circulation around them where they can breathe.  They look lovely inside glass domes, but only for a short time as they prefer fresh air.  Glass globes with a hole in them or open containers are ideal.   I purchased glass globes in different shapes that are made specifically for air plants.  They have “breathing” holes in them.  You can find a variety of plants and globes at Amazon.

These little plants love a good soak. The best way to water is to fill a container or the sink with cold water.   Rain, well or filtered water is preferred.  The plant should be fully submerged and soaked thoroughly for an hour.  Remove and gently shake the air plant dry and lay it on its side to dry.  You will need to give the water an opportunity to drain off the plant before returning to the container.  The plants can rot if left with standing water on them.  Air plants should be soaked every ten days or so depending on how much sun and moisture the plant is getting.  They love to be soaked and turn a more vibrant green after soaking.  If the leaves are wrinkled or rolled that is a sign that the plant is dehydrated.

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Air plants do need bright indirect light.  But, you do need to remember that glass globes intensify the sun.   I learned the hard way that if you leave them in a windowsill in full sun all day they will fry!

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Lisa at Grandma's Briefs October 28, 2015, 6:44 pm

These are so cool! I’m going to have to give it a shot. (I wonder if high altitude would make a difference, as it seems to with EVERYthing??)

Thank you so much for sharing this in the GRAND Social!

Carol October 29, 2015, 5:09 pm

Thanks Lisa…they really are fun to have and easy to care for! I don’t think a high altitude would hurt them. They seem to be happy as long as they have a little sunshine and soaking. I so appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your GRAND Social!


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