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Have you seen almost all of the Halloween crafts that you ever want to see again on Pinterest for this season?  There are so many great ones out there that it’s hard to choose which ones to make with your grandchildren.  Bare with me one last time because I’ve got just one more little craft that I want to share with you today… mini jack-o-lantern night-lights.

I think your grandchildren will love these cute little light up jack-o-lanterns!  Because they require some patience and focus in adding 4 coats of paint and drawing and painting the faces, they are probably best for children age 6 and over.

They require a few supplies:

  • Ping pong balls
  • Orange paint
  • Black puff paint
  • Glue – you can choose to use craft glue or a hot glue gun
  • Battery operated tea lights


Preparation for making them:

  • Make a small hole in one end of your ping-pong balls, large enough to fit over the flame on the tealight.  My husband used his drill press to do this for me.  Always start with a small drill bit and then switch to a larger size and re-drill the hole. If you start too large, the ping-pong ball will crack.  A small handheld drill would work just as well for this.  Or maybe you have another idea for making the hole?

How to make them:

1. Provide your grandchild with a ping-pong ball, tealight, paint brush and some orange paint.  I used acrylic paint.  The acrylic paint required 4 coats to cover the ping-pong ball and the tealight. Allow the paint to try between each coat.  You can keep your grandchildren busy at the table between coats of paint by providing them with pictures to paint or color.  Or play this cute game found at Grandma Ideas.  My grandchildren and I played this and had such a good time with it!



2.  After the painting is completed and dried, draw a pumpkin face on the ball.  The age of your grandchildren with determine if this is something they can do independently or will need a little help!


3. Fill in the face with the black puff paint and once again, allow it to dry thoroughly.


4.  Place a ring of glue around the top of the tea light.  You can use craft glue or a hot glue gun for this.  If you use the hot glue gun, you will need to do this step to prevent your grandchildren from burning themselves.

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5.  Place the hole of the jack-o-lantern down over the top of the tealight flame and secure it to the glue.


6.  Allow it to dry.


Enjoy your jack-o-lantern night-light!  Can you think of any other Halloween characters you can make out of a ping-pong ball?

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Thank you for stopping by today!  I truly appreciate each one of you.

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