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Have you ever started a remodeling project and then found yourself wondering “What have I done?”  In order to explain this one I need to go back in time a little…

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Approximately 4 years ago I decided that I could not live with the carpet in our house any longer.  So, we proceeded to rip the carpet out of our family room, hallway and bedrooms.  For a while, actually quite a while, I was fine with living on plywood sub floor.

Time passed and one year became two years…

Finally, after many distractions it was time to purchase wood flooring.  We purchased our flooring from a well know company.  I won’t mention their name but their initials are LL.  We rented a truck and headed to the Seattle area to pick up our new floor.   Mike unloaded 42 boxes of flooring into our garage.

Of course looking at our new flooring made me think about the gold/orangey colored oak cabinets in our kitchen.   Our house was built in 1990 and the cabinets are still in very good shape so we didn’t want to replace them.   We decided that white cabinets would look beautiful with our new floor.  It didn’t make sense to install new floor and then paint the cabinets.  So, we started removing cabinet doors to begin paint prep.  We were sold a primer that was designed to eliminate the need for sanding.  Wrong!  After painting primer on multiple doors we realized the paint simply peeled off!  We started over, sanding doors and cabinets.

I sanded for so long that I was sanding the skin off my fingertips….

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Finally, after about 4 months of sanding, priming, painting and solving little problems (sometimes bigger problems) along the way we now have beautiful new white cabinets!  We added hardware to the drawers and doors and I love our new cabinets.   Now that they’re done it feels like it was well worth the work!

Now, time for the floor…

At this point we had began to hear the publicity regarding flooring from China that contained high levels of formaldehyde.   The floor we had purchased was suspect and we were sure we didn’t want that in our house!  After months of negotiation there was a meeting of the minds.  You guessed it…we loaded up the flooring again and returned it to the store.  It has actually worked to our advantage as were able to get a great deal on the solid hardwood that I had not been able to afford the first time around.  Another trip to Seattle and then unloading 62 boxes of flooring, over 4400 lbs of flooring into our house.  We spent days ripping out the still existing flooring in the entry, kitchen and dining room.

We were ready to begin our floor, again…

After reading everything we could get our hands on regarding laying a hardwood floor  and with all the confidence we could muster we began laying down the floor.  Mike and I were so pleased to have the first section of flooring down and we agree it looks gorgeous!

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Our daughter Kim came over to see our accomplishments so far and had a great suggestion.  It was a great idea and sounds oh so simple; just chop off the existing cabinet/bar and move it over a few feet and we will have an island kitchen.   This of course will need to be done BEFORE we install the floor!

Once again we have been sidetracked….

We have now busted out ceramic tile countertop and removed one section of cabinets.  What seemed like a simple idea has now become evident that we will need assistance from a contractor to pull this one off!

The saga continues…

Mike and I are both in our sixties and this is the most extensive “diy” remodeling we have ever attempted.   Have we gotten “braver” as we age?  I suppose this is a good thing.  All of the experts recommend keeping our minds and bodies active by learning and doing new things.  Perhaps this is the way we are doing just that…but honestly I will be very relieved when its finished!

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs November 9, 2015, 9:20 am

You are definitely brave. My husband and I have gone the opposite route: We were more inclined to try DIY jobs when we were younger. We do have SO many things we want to do to our current house, though, you’re inspiring the DIY bug in me to rear its head.

Great job! Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social!

Carol November 9, 2015, 9:44 pm

Thanks Lisa. We’re still plugging away at the floor, it gets increasingly rewarding as we can see more of the finished product. We’ve learned so much. I facetiously told my daughter that I thought Dad & I could build a house…her response was “don’t! Thanks again for hosting the GRAND Social!


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