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skydiving resizedI guess it runs in the family… a genetic mutation that causes an entire family to be thrill seekers! My husband Steve is the carrier because it is definitely not part of my genetic makeup!

Back in October I wrote a memorial to my mother-in-law who in her 80’s decided she needed to skydive at least once in her lifetime. That desire has now spread to the rest of my family. A few months ago our son Eric made his first jump and soon my husband Steve was wanting to do the same. When Steve found a Groupon deal for Skydive Hollister he “jumped” at the chance to buy a ticket for both he and Eric. I warned him he had better do it on one of my days off because I had to be there to witness it!

At the recommendation of the skydive crew and others, what started out as being an 8,000 foot jump soon turned into 15,000. To quote, “If you jump at 8,000 feet you’ll hit the ground saying I should have done at least 11,000. You just don’t get enough free-fall time at 8,000 ft.” I understood the thinking but the idea made me cringe! At the same time, I didn’t want Steve and Eric to be disappointed so I gently persuaded Steve to spend the extra $50 each to go just 3,000 feet higher. I’m feeling comfortable with the decision when my non-fearing husband says, “If I’m gonna pay more, then I’m going to 18,000!” Now I was beginning to question my persuasion. Finally, after settling for 15,000 ft, signing the 5 page waiver, and watching the tandem waiver video the men were ready to suit-up. The crew, office workers, and parachute rigger (whom I kept a close eye on) were great encouragers. Like their website states they are passionate about what they do every day and some of the most experienced instructors have completed as many as 14,000 jumps!

skydiving - suiting up collage

Suiting up!!

skydiving-instruction collage

Receiving Instruction

After Steve and Eric were ready and waiting to board the plane I headed to the landing spot in the middle of a field next to a red barn about 15 minutes from the main office. Following close behind were  two limousine drivers to retrieve the jumpers and a young woman who had completed her first solo jump that morning. Everyone was extremely friendly and explained to me what was going on in the air as we watched from the ground.

skydiving-packed in

Packed on the plane

First to jump were the instructors followed by their students whom they communicated with via radio and headphones. Then it was time for the two tandem jumpers, Eric being last out of the plane.

skydiving-jumping collage

The J-U-M-P!

skydiving - free fall collage 1

Free falling at 120-150 mph!

Within seconds the chutes opened and we watched them descend and land almost right on target. Seeing the huge grin on both Steve and Eric’s faces and watching the instructors congratulate them made it all worth while.

skydiving-chutes opened!

Chutes opened and taking in the view


Safe landing!

Our son Travis, daughter Rachel and her husband Jon all want to jump someday. On my bucket list are items like learn to swing dance, or raise a seeing eye dog – no line item for skydiving!

When talking to others who have jumped they assure me that you don’t get that falling feeling associated with riding a roller coaster. Free-falling at a high speed creates a cushion of air that your body basically rides upon. Once you get past the initial apprehension of jumping it’s smooth sailing. The feelings are described as liberating and the adrenaline rush addicting.


Steve keeps telling me I’m next and I respond with “it’s not on my list!” But who knows what the future will bring, hearing the excitement in the voices of those who have done it makes it tempting to step out of my comfort zone and try it.


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OneDizzyBee December 20, 2015, 3:15 pm

This looks like so much fun! I love your pictures! I’m also very jealous. I want to skydive so badly, but my husband is terrified of such things and refuses to indulge me. He keeps teasing me that the day I’ll know he’s sick of me is the day he stops saying no to my pleadings 🙂

Kathy December 21, 2015, 1:57 pm

Maybe you can ask an adventurous friend or family member to jump with you and your husband can watch from the ground as I did. Who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind after seeing you do it! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for sharing!!

Emma January 14, 2016, 1:52 pm

Oh! I want to try sky diving one day. It’s been on my To Do List since I was in middle school. I’ll admit though, I’ve become more scared of it since I became a mom, but there’s still a part of me that wants to go for it.

Kathy January 15, 2016, 11:17 am

Hi Emma, having children does make you think twice about things that you might not otherwise. My daughter who has two young children feels the same as you…part of her just wants to “do it”, but a little voice inside asks “but should I”? My husband’s response is “of course, whole families jump together”. Good luck in making your decision and post pics if you do! So glad to hear from you and thank you for reading.


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