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If you want to dYumbox logo croppedo your part to help keep the earth green and and teach your kids the importance of a balanced meal, the Yumbox can help you do just that. The Yumbox is a lunch box made of BPA-free and phthalates-free plastic that is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. It comes in two parts, a plastic outer shell and plastic insert with pre-portioned compartments. The bento style design eliminates the need for plastic baggies or individual plastic containers saving you time and money. And with its rubber seal construction in the lid you can be sure it won’t leak. No more opening the lunchbox to a messy coating of sticky yogurt or applesauce!

You can mix and match the outer box (shell) with the insert of your choice. Plastic inserts come in two compartmental designs; six compartments for small portions or four compartments for larger portions and food items such as sandwiches or salads. The shell comes in 19 color combinations and the insert can be purchased with color illustrations that help to plan a balanced meal and teach children the importance of eating right. The dessert section is a very small portion compared to the other healthier food groups! The Yumbox can be used alone, carried in a backpack, or it fits perfectly into an 8×10 size lunch tote. The box doesn’t come with a handle so for little ones who may not yet use a backpack, inserting it into a lunch tote is most practical.Yumbox Collage

The first time we used the box, I thought it might be hard to wash the lid because of the rubber grooves that make the seal around the plastic compartments, but it is very easy to clean. The box is dishwasher safe but I recommend hand washing. It’s also easy to use – with it’s easy open latch our 3 year old grandson has no problem opening or closing the box, and the insert fits nice and snug so he isn’t tempted to take it out. When we were contemplating whether or not to buy the Yumbox I was a little pessimistic about how practical it would be, but it has proved to be a wise investment.

Note – the Yumbox is not just for kids, adults will find it convenient and visually appealing as well. The insert can be purchased without illustrations, making for a more sophisticated option.

If you are looking for an alternative to plastic baggies and inconvenient individual containers, try the Yumbox. The cost might be more initially, but the money you save in the long run makes it a smart choice.

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